BwGN AM Mixtape #46 – The ambient one

One of my favorite to put together, please enjoy this mix of ambient music.

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  1. Exhale by Yazz Ahmed on La Saboteuse (Naim)
  2. The Tree by Working For A Nuclear Free City on Businessmen & Ghosts (Deaf Dumb + Blind)
  3. Clutched in the Maw of the World by Alder & Ash on Clutched in the Maw of the World (Lost Tribe)
  4. This Thing Between Us Is A Rickety Bridge Of Impossible Crossing/Bonfires For Nobody... by Set Fire To Flames on Mouths Trapped In Static (Alien 8)
  5. By the Light of My Body by MAMIFFER on The World Unseen (Sige)
  6. Old City Crowd by Solo Andata on Fyris Swan (Hefty)
  7. glacial by kelly moran on optimist (self-released)
  8. Formless by Daniel Wohl on Holographic (New Amsterdam)
  9. chanter by Sarah Davachi on All My Circles Run (Students of Decay)
  10. 4 or 5 Trees by Rachel's on Systems/Layers (Quarterstick)
  11. Stir by Múm on Summer Make Good (Fat Cat)
  12. Loud And Clear by Gregor Samsa on 55:12 (Kora)
  13. The Dream Body Does Carve (Green Grave) by Andrew Weathers Ensemble on Build A Mountain Where Our Bodies Fall (Full Spectrum)
  14. Recording A Tunnel (The Horns Play Underneath The Canal) (Continued) by Bell Orchestre on Recording A Tape The Colour Of The Light (Rough Trade)
  15. The remains of the day by MONO on You Are There (Temporary Residence)
  16. First Dream Called Ocean by Helios on Eingya (Type)
  17. Requiem For The Static King Part Two by A Winged Victory For The Sullen on A Winged Victory For The Sullen (Kranky)
  18. Time Draws On by Talkdemonic on Ruins (Glacial Pace)
  19. III by Religious Girls on LOVE LOVE DEMOS (self-released)
  20. New Livingin by Flim on Helio (Tom Lab)
  21. Four-Day Interval by Tortoise on TNT (Thrill Jockey)
  22. Small Talk by Lazy Legs on Chain of Pink (Wild Patterns)
  23. Farewell by Polmo Polpo on Like Hearts Swelling (Constellation)
  24. Baltic Winds by Myrmyr on The Amber Sea (Digitalis)
  25. Part 1 by Matthew De Gennaro on A Guide For The Perplexed (Epigonic)
  26. Hilli by amiina on Kurr (Bláskjár)
  27. Stromness (Eluvium Remix) by Hauschka on A NDO C Y (Temporary Residence)
  28. Balance (Trembling) by Windy & Carl on Consciousness (Kranky)