The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Ortho Jax & DJ Noise (Minneapolis) 6/19/18


  1. Bigod 20 by The Bog (Dance Mix) on Steel Works!
  2. Cities In Dust by Siouxsie & The Banshees on Tinderbox
  3. Epicentre by VNV Nation on Futureperfect
  4. The Cross by Priest on New Flesh
  5. Devil In Me by Legend on Legend
  6. Creep by Clan Of Xymox on Kindred Spirits
  7. The Fine Art Of Poisoning by Jill Tracy on Diabolical Streak
  8. Haunted When The Minutes Drag by Love & Rockets on Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven (Beggars Banquet)
  9. Candy Coated Suicide by Night Club on Scary World
  10. Bone Cutter by Vonito Negro on Black Plague
  11. Bulbform by Tr/st on Tr/st
  12. From Earth by Moaan Exis on Transcendence
  13. Black Hearts White Souls by X on Hex RX
  14. Phucking Phreak ( You're A Dick Mix Seattle Style) by Velvet Acid Christ on DJ Collection