Ep 31: 630 Sansome

The episode title comes from the address of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office in San Francisco.

Photo is of the Brankas, who are playing 924 Gilman this Saturday with Rex Ruit.

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  1. Take What I Don't Need by Street Eaters on The Envoy (Self Released)
  2. Habit by Snail Mail on Habit - EP (Sister Polygon)
  3. Well by Club Night on Hell Ya (Tiny Engines)
  4. Small Skin by Rose Droll on Photograph (Self released)
  5. Seko by Lofi Legs
  6. Empty My Head by Blank Square on Animal I
  7. Disney (Shannon of SOAR) by Staring Back on bawar.org split
  8. Brain Goldfish by Just Rese
  9. Lovers Lane by Hunx & His Punx on Too Young to be in Love (Hardly Art)
  10. (I can't get no) Satisfaction by Devo
  11. Sleep Scared by The Brankas on My Parkour Body Is The Paint And The World Is My Canvas. I Don't See Obstacles, I See Opportunities. (SNAFU family)
  12. Surgical Steel by Rex Ruit
  13. Raspberry Wound by TONER on Killing Pace
  14. Halloween Mask by Peach Kelli Pop on Halloween Mask (Visit http://laurenrecords.bandcamp.com)
  15. Late June by Marinero on High Tone
  16. It's Alright by Boytoy on Night Leaf (Papercup)
  17. Mint by Dumb on Seeing Green (Mint Records)
  18. Woods Island Club by Ziplock on Ziplock (Processional Cross)
  19. Da Da by Coke on EP (textme)
  20. Ashes by The She's on All Female Rock and Roll (Empty Cellar Records)
  21. Wrong Town by Tony Molina (Slumberland Records)
  22. Family (prod. by HarmonicSapien) by Louda
  23. Solo by Pregnant on Duct Tape
  24. Laying Down Rock by Drinks on Hermits on Holiday (Heavenly Records)
  25. Ortega by Pllush on Stranger to the Pain (Father/Daughter)
  26. Crash by Friendless Summer on Table for One (Long Live Death)
  27. Sad Is Fine by dot vom on Love Weights (Wave Dweller)
  28. Hillside of Love by Mayya & the Revolutionary Hell Yeah on Open Minds Open Minds (Self Released)
  29. Cool Color Happiness by Locus Pocus on Locus Pocus
  30. Too Cool by Bear Call on Anything's Better than Falling
  31. Callous by Sasami Ashworth
  32. Control by Humid on Live at Cloud Castle
  33. Olive by KERA
  34. Suck it Up by WARP on EP