1. To Her I'm Invisible by SHELF NUNNY
  2. America! I'm For The Birds by Nicolas Jaar (Other People)
  3. Dino by Dinamerca on Sol De Mi Vida (Rinse)
  4. Luvly (feat. Kasa Blanca & Pink Navel) by Wing Vilma
  5. Holy Ghost by Young Fathers on Cocoa Sugar (Ninja Tune)
  6. Make Them Remember by Maenad Vinyl on Somehow, Somewhere They Have Heard This Before (Pinkman)
  7. Jevi by Dinamarca on Sol De Mi Vida (Rinse)
  8. Nutureworld (BOK BOK Remix) by Kingdom on Tears XL
  9. They Shall Not Pass by LPascolatti on Up Side Down
  10. Napauken by Shkoon
  11. Frequency by Baltra (96 and Forever)
  12. A Coin Nine Hands by Nicolas Jar (Other People)
  13. One Night Stand (Slow Drumapella Mix) by Pional on One Night Stand EP (Phonica Records)
  14. everyone (T4PES Remix) by emawk on for ness (Shoe Boxx Records)
  15. Far From Here by Empathy Slow
  16. Bleed by Acea
  17. Nanou by Bigasti
  18. Mortal by Poté (Deviation)
  19. Spring by Bicep on Bicep (Ninja Tune)
  20. Eden (Last Days) by Rites of Fall on Truthsayer - EP
  21. Spire by Lindstrøm on It's Alright Between Us (Feedelity Recordings)
  22. Pretty Baby by SASSY 009 on Do you mind EP (Hard Up)
  23. Boys by Lizzo (Nice Life / Atlantic)
  24. DTF by Christopher Port on Everything In Quotes "LIGHT" EP (Pieater/Future Classic)
  25. Feel Infinite (Bwana's 'I felt Alive in '95' Mix) by Jacques Greene on Feel Infinite Remixes (LuckyMe Records)
  26. HAL by Kölsch & Tiga on IPSO 002 E.P. (IPSO)
  27. A Year Away (Lovely Melodies) by Groundislava on Groundislava II (Friends of Friends)