Episode 16: Denley Hosts (Keith Tadashi Kubota Tribute)

Denley hosts a tribute to Keith Tadashi Kubota.

Aier Sauftmake.a.virus, Kubota, Broken Figures, Tadashi, Knoxin, onesevenonenine....13 years of Bay Area electronic music.

San Cha, The Zap Tap, Swoonz, Violent Vickie, Heddy Fur, Tyler Holmes, Orko Eloheim, Moist Breezy


  1. Intro by N/A
  2. When the Prime Minister Called by Aier Sauft on Electrobreaklash (Rizatek Records)
  3. Moogipaw (Tadashi Remix) by Aier Sauft on Electrobreaklash (Rizatek Records)
  4. End of You by Bion Involution on My Controller Mixtape
  5. The Idle Watchings of Life by Tadashi
  6. Secret by Metadashi on Anti-Implosion Campaign (Bonus Track) (Rizatek Records)
  7. Zero Hour (Tungsten Trigonometry) by make.a.virus on Anti-Implosion Campaign (Rizatek Records)
  8. Safe in Shells by Kubota
  9. G Bounce by Hyphy Nation on Thizzneyland - EP
  10. Thizzy Rippers by Hyphy Nation on Thizzneyland - EP
  11. Anal Scissor Kitty Murder by Wallowers of the Shit Pit
  12. You Do It by Kubota
  13. Hunger Fast Break by Kubota
  14. Unauthorized by Broken Figures
  15. Kaneyama by Tadashi
  16. Pump by Tadashi
  17. Argyle Neon by Tadashi
  18. Street Priest (Tadashi Remix) by Latent Sea on EP1 (Self-Released)
  19. Crown Me (Knoxin Remix) by San Cha
  20. V by Broken Figures (Unreleased)
  21. steep by I.VII.I.IX. on DTW (Self-Released)
  22. nothings of all by I.VII.I.IX. on Certain Sudden (Self-Released)
  23. Unholy Harmonies (Denley Remix) [feat. The Zap Tap] by I.VII.I.IX.
  24. Nearby Distances (feat. Swoonz) by I.VII.I.IX. on Voices - EP (Self-Released)
  25. Drowning Again (feat. Violent Vickie) by I.VII.I.IX. on Voices - EP (Self-Released)
  26. Miracle (feat. Tyler Holmes) by I.VII.I.IX. on Voices - EP (Self-Released)
  27. Bodies (feat. Heddy Fur) by I.VII.I.IX. on Voices - EP (Self-Released)
  28. Untitled (Demo) by Broken Figures (Unreleased)
  29. Shit You Not (prod. by I.VII.I.IX.) by The Zap Tap on All My Friends Are Murderers (Vol. 1) (Self-Released)
  30. Retrospace (feat. Orko Eloheim) by Broken Figures
  31. url fantasy (skndvnsh remix) by moist breezy
  32. Glitter & Glue by Tyler Holmes on Invisible Island (Ratskin Records)
  33. Arpenter by Them Prisms
  34. Rising from the Sky by I.VII.I.IX.