Tuff Signals 189


  1. Feelings by Bloods (Self Released)
  2. Jellyfish by Catbath on Glitterbox (Self Relased)
  3. Suckitude by The Rizzos on No Parents, No Rules 2 (King Pizza Records)
  4. Stay Disappointed by Wax Chattels on Wax Chattels (Self Released)
  5. Dreams Laws Rights and Duties by Frustration on Empires of Shame (Born Bad Records)
  6. Big Picture by The Night Screams on Volume 5: Music to Make Pizzafest By (King Pizza Records)
  7. Trapped in the City by Bad Times on Streets of Iron (Goner Records)
  8. Weird Blues by Meringue on Meringue / the Wild Body (Self Released)
  9. Don't Mind by Tender Age on Becoming Real Forever (SINIS Records)
  10. Brick Horizon by Woolen Men on Post (Dogs Table Records)
  11. Moth Eyes by Plastic Cactus on Moth Eyes (Self Released)
  12. He's A Keeper Of The Fire by Subsonics on He's A Keeper of the Fire (Hidden Volume)
  13. I Feel Free by Dilly Dally on Heaven (Partisan Records)
  14. Destination Wedding by Clearance on At Your Leisure (Topshelf Records)
  15. Fading by Gulfer on Dog Bless (Top Shelf Records)
  16. Seamstress at the Bar by Attic Abasement on Dancing is Depressing (Father / Daughter)
  17. Destroyer by Lala Lala on The Lamb (Hardly Art)
  18. The Creature by La Luz on Floating Features (Hardly Art)
  19. Runway (the jam) by the Aquadolls (Self Released)
  20. New Chants by New Chants on Traps PS (Innovative Leisure)
  21. Hit & Run by Dog Party on Hit & Run (Self Released)
  22. Let's Follow (City Lights) by Shark Toys on Labyrinths (In The Red Records)
  23. Tony T by The High Curbs on Tommy (Self Released)
  24. Work / Life, Gym Etc. by The Shifters on Have A Cunning Plan (Trouble In Mind)
  25. Sad Fuzz (Ty Segall Cover) by Our Girl on Rought Trade Counter Cultre (Rough Trade Records)
  26. Body Behavior by Ty Segall & White Fence on Joy (Drag City)
  27. Chevrolet Van by The Nude Party on The Nude Party (New West Records)
  28. The Other Two by Mark Sultan on BBQ (Self Released)
  29. It Couldn't Be True by Parsnip on New Center of the Universe (Anti-Fade)
  30. Shoals by Rye Pines on Roll with the Urchins (King Pizza Records)
  31. W.A.V.E. by Boys Order on Do The Wild Cat LP (Secret Mission Records)
  32. But Not Indifferent by Back To Basics on Shaded Eyes E.P. (Secret Mission Records)
  33. Razor Dog by The Geros (Secret Mission Records)
  34. School Girl by Dials (Secret Mission Records)
  35. Tear Me Up by Louder (Secret Mission Records)
  36. Kicks & Chicks by The Fadeaways on Kicks & Chicks (Hidden Volume)