The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ DJ Bryan Hawk & DJ Jackie (Richmond, VA) 7/17/18


  1. If I Only Were A Goth by Voltaire on ThouShaltNot
  2. Musique Nonstop by Kraftwerk on Electric Café
  3. Hurt by Bis on Fact 2002
  4. Survivalism (Ahab Mix) by Nine Inch Nails
  5. Fall Like Rome (Riot Kitten Remix) by Grendel on The Age Of The Disposable Body
  6. Born In Xixax by Nina Hagen on NunSexMonkRock
  7. Barrel Of A Gun by Depeche Mode on Ultra
  8. Spilling Blood by Necessary Response on Blood Spills Not Far From the Wound
  9. Murder by The Rain Within on Dark Drive
  10. Deliverance by Mission UK on Gravers Paradise
  11. Voodoo by Nyxx
  12. Love Song by Snake River Conspiracy on Sonic Jihad
  13. Love Hurt Bleed by Gary Numan on Splinter (Songs from a Broken Mind)
  14. Cry Little Sister by Blutengel on The Oxidising Angel