1. Same Drugs by Chance the Rapper on Coloring Book (-)
  2. Sam Stone by Swamp Dogg (-)
  3. If I Could Only Fly by Blaze Foley on Sittin' by the Road (-)
  4. Gay Pirates by Cosmo Jarvis (-)
  5. I'm Going Away by Elizabeth Cotten on Shake Sugaree (-)
  6. Violent Crimes by Kanye West (-)
  7. Hang Me, Oh Hang Me by Dave Van Ronk (-)
  8. One Love by Nas, Q Tip on Illmatic (-)
  9. I'll Fly Away - Soundtrack Version (O Brother, Where Art Thou?) by Gillian Welch (-)
  10. Can I Watch? (feat. Apani B as Nikki) by Viktor Vaughn (-)
  11. I'll Find a Way by Rachel Yamagata on Happenstance (-)
  12. Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn (-)
  13. Drinking Song by Jason Webley on Counterpoint (-)
  14. Where Did You Sleep Last Night by Lead Belly on Absolutely The Best (-)
  15. When I Get to Heaven by John Prine (-)