Ep.22 08.05.18 (IDM)


  1. Avril 14th by Aphex Twin on Drukqs (Warp Records Ltd.)
  2. Boyrgurl by Freescha on Kids Fill the Floor (Attackmine Records)
  3. Ice Pops by Mrs Jynx on The Standoffish Cat (Planet Mu Records)
  4. Brace Yourself Jason by µ-Ziq on Lunatic Harness (Virgin Records Ltd.)
  5. Jewlea by Machinedrum on Now You Know (Merck Records)
  6. Öngyilkos vasárnap by Venetian Snares on Rossz Csillag Alatt Szuletett (Planet Mu Records)
  7. Point To B by Prefuse 73 on Vocal Studies and Uprock Naratives (Warp Records Limited)
  8. Tendency by Jan Jelinek on Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records (Faitiche)
  9. She Moves She by Four Tet on Rounds (Domino Recording Co Ltd.)
  10. Currents (220v Offshore) by Phonem on Hydro Electric (Morr Music)
  11. Donkey Kong by Cabbageboy on Genetically Modified (Ninja Tune)
  12. Soolange Jimenez by Metamatica on Neo Ouija (Hydrogen Dukebox)
  13. Tahr by The Black Dog on Spanners (Warp Records Limited)
  14. Beetles by Aphex Twin on Girl/Boy EP (Warp Records)
  15. Rough Harmonizer by Phoenecia on Brownout (Schematic Music Company)
  16. Antacid by Link & E621 on Antacid (Warp Records Limited)
  17. Object Orient by Plaid on Bytes (Warp Records Limited)
  18. Vacetious Blooms by Neotropic on Mr. Brubaker's Strawberry Alarm Clock (Ninja Tune)
  19. Flutter by Autechre on Anti (Warp Records)