My Sick & Twisted Reality: FINGLEBERT


  1. Freaky Freaks by Kamaiyah on A Good Night In The Ghetto (Self-Released)
  2. Best Of My Love by The Emotions on Rejoice (Columbia)
  3. Cântico Brasileiro No.3 (Kamaiurá) by Maria Rita on Brasileira (Acorde)
  4. Caution Radiation Norton by Doris Norton on Personal Computer (Durium)
  5. Throw by La Leif on Violet EP (Blank Editions)
  6. World Invaders by Pluton and Humanoids on World Invaders (V.S. Records)
  7. Es Mi Vida by Tozcos on Sueños Deceptivos (Verdugo Discos)
  8. The Void by Beta Boys on Late Night Acts (Erste Theke Tontraeger)
  9. Rockin' The Cong by Psyclones on Psyclones (Subterranean Records)
  10. Bête Noire by Black Nail Cabaret on Bête Noire (Self-Released)
  11. TV by The Flying Lizards on The Flying Lizards (Virgin)
  12. Shmoopie by Ginger Root on Mahjong Room (Acrophase Records)
  13. Dance Of Hopping Mad by The Raincoats on Moving (Rough Trade)
  14. Shelley by CB Radio Gorgeous on Plays CB Radio Gorgeous (Not Normal Tapes)
  15. My Boyfriend (Could Be A Spanish Man) by The Aislers Set on Terrible Things Happen (Slumberland)
  16. Letters To Japan by Goodnight Moonlight on Letters To Japan (Self-Released)
  17. Kid by Pretenders on Pretenders (Real Records)
  18. Ghost by Depression Breakfast on Demo (Self-Released)
  19. Break Us by Little Fists on Fragments (Self-Released)
  20. Ame Debout by Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes on Ame Debout (Phillips)
  21. Only Friend by Gouge Away on Burnt Sugar (Deathwish)
  22. Venus by Belaboris on Olipa Kerran (Poko Records)
  23. Selfie Stick by Alison Backdoor on The Backdoor Test Tape (Le Collectif Semi-Conscient)
  24. I Like It by The Rezillos on Can't Stand The Rezillos (Sire)