1. Reborn Ice Horn by 1991 on 1991 (Astro:Dynamics)
  2. FORMA313 by Forma on OFF / ON (Spectrum Spools)
  3. Infinity by Eartheater on Metalepsis (Hausu Mountain)
  4. Exhibit 'A' Smartphone by CVX on Zibaldone III of CVX (Berceuse Heoique)
  5. Plos 97s by Lee Gamble on Dutch Tvashar Plumes (PAN)
  6. Inner Star War by Black Mecha on Counterforce (Profound Lore)
  7. Fifty Dollar Bills by Sworn Virgins on Fifty Dollar Bills (DEEWEE)
  8. Beginning Ballads by Nathan Micay on Whities 017 (Whities)
  9. Sisters by Arca on Xen (Mute)
  10. A Realness by Boy Harsher on Yr Body Is Nothing (Nude Club)
  11. T69 Collapse by Aphex Twin on Collapse EP (Warp)
  12. Greenpoint by Prurient on Frozen Niagara Falls (Profound Lore)
  13. Untitled by Klara Lewis on Ett (Editions Mego)
  14. Flying Floor for U.S. Airways by Eli Keszler on Stadium (Shelter Press)
  15. GPS Dreaming by Jasmine Guffond on Traced (Sonic Pieces)
  16. Plate Of Order by Pan Daijing on Lack (PAN)
  17. Stop Suffering by Tropic of Cancer on Stop Suffering (Blackest Ever Black)
  18. Keloid by Sugai Ken on yOrUkOrU (Yerevan Tapes)
  19. Roses by Michael Beharie & Teddy Rankin-Parker on A Heart From Your Shadow (Mondoj)
  20. City Smells by James Ferraro on NYC, Hell 3:00AM (Hippos In Tanks)
  21. Europe Traces Women by Croatian Amor on Genitalia Garden (Posh Isolation)
  22. This Life by Tim Hecker on Konoyo (Kranky)
  23. Fleurs pour Simone, Pt. 1 by CVX on Zibaldone III of CVX (Berceuse Heoique)
  24. Extent by Arca on Mutant (Mute)
  25. Aga by Lee Bannon on Patterns of Excel (Ninja Tune)
  26. VLetrmx by Autechre on Garbage (Warp)