1. Crocodile Tears by Kuruki
  2. Jestem Twoim Grzechem (I am Your Sin) by Izabela Trojanowska on Iron Curtain Call: Dance Music from the Soviet Sphere of Influence
  3. The New U.S. by Polyrock on Changing Hearts (RCA)
  4. Double Heart by Robert Rental on Double Heart 7
  5. Every Man (12 Version) by Tchai and Merger
  6. Tri-Tra-Trullala by Joachim Witt on Edelweiß
  7. We R. (1979) by Chrisma on Hibernation
  8. You Can Do It by Spike
  9. Mizu Cina by Dzeltenie Pastnieki on Vienmer Klusi
  10. 自覚 by Akira Ito
  11. Dit Is Pas Het Begin by UNOVIDUAL
  12. I Feel It Starts Again by Suzanne Menzel
  13. トロピカル万国博 by Hiroyuki Namba on Hikousen No Ue No Synthesizer Hiki
  14. Hotel California by Pan Vibes Steel Orchestra
  15. A Few More Days by Acey Stone
  16. Cowboy In Paris (Chacun Fait) by Stu Stevens (The Voice)