Ep 38: "Your heart is full of whiskey/ your piss is full of roses"

Episode title is from the Younger Lovers' "Down Down Gently".

Photo is of Curling, they're having their album release party at the Ivy Room this Saturday with Perhapsy, Small Crimes, and Wander.

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  1. Yellow Flower by Mae Powell on trash flowers ep
  2. 5 in the Morning by Las Dueñas on Las Dueñas
  3. 27th Street by Blues Lawyer on Guess Work (Emotional Response)
  4. Ludwig 67 by Planet What on Agnus Yarn (self released)
  5. Soakin' Good by Drew Banga (textme records)
  6. Jet Set by Francisco y Madero on Amor de Lejos
  7. Still Green by Curling on Definitely Band (Coppermouth Records)
  8. Baptism '89 by Perhapsy on THE
  9. Mulligan by Small Crimes on Demons (self)
  10. Soar by Wander on Mourning
  11. Easy Afternoon by The Younger Lovers on Sugar in My Pocket (Southpaw Records)
  12. Down Down Gently by The Younger Lovers
  13. Golden Haze 2 by Bam! Bam! (HHBTM Records)
  14. Woman is a Word by Empress Of
  15. 9/10 by Jeff Rosenstock on POST- (Polyvinyl)
  16. Scary by Small Crush on Blush
  17. Déjate Llevar by The Marías
  18. Fire by FAN on Barton's Den (Polyvinyl)
  19. Carmen Cortez by Mint on Haunt Your Days
  20. No Kings by The Total Bettys on Connect with the Couch
  21. Heartache by The She's on All Female Rock n Roll Quartet (Empty Cellar)
  22. maddie mori by dot vom on Melatonin EP (textme records)
  23. From cliche to archetype by Rip Room on Monsters
  24. Da Da by Coke on EP (textme records)
  25. O Wonder! by Novelty Daughter on Cocoon year
  26. Honey Bear by Lola Lazer on Toil & Trouble
  27. Memento by New Circle on Memento (Smoking Room)
  28. Spiral by Sales on forever & ever
  29. Yam Yam by No Vacation
  30. I Zimbra by Talking Heads on Fear of Music (Sire)
  31. pegasusthotz by Field Medic on Songs from the Sunroom (Run for Cover)
  32. Glorious Poison by Esses on Offering
  33. Maximum Hashism by Connoisseur on Over the Edge
  34. Water Run by Mayya on Magic Happens
  35. Hanging Out, and Hanging On by Half Stack