urban jungle


  1. green dolphin street by eddie harris on moonglow (monaco entertainment)
  2. jungle blues from jupiter by perry and kinglsy on the out sound from way in (vanguard)
  3. utzukushiki tennen by yasuaki shimizu on kakashi (sateto)
  4. ailfee by robert wyatt on going back a bit (domino)
  5. what about you (in the world today) by co real artists on the funky 16 corners (stones throw)
  6. Kilimanjaro by Count Basie and His Orchestra;Oliver Nelson;Freddie Green;Harold Jones;Richard Pablo Landrum;Sonny Morgan;Paul Cohen;George Cohn;Pete Minger;Waymon Reed;Steven Galloway;Bill Hughes;Melvin Wan on afrique (flying dutchman)
  7. i jah jah rama by larajji on vision songs volume 1 (numero group)
  8. tupac amaru by gato barbeiri on the legend of gato barbieri (flying dutchman)
  9. everybody has t he right to be free by bobby few on vibes! (blue note)
  10. yume dewa by yasuaki shimizu on kakashi (sateto)
  11. opium punjab poppy juice by peter thomas on moon flowers and mini skirts (marina)
  12. dementos by yasuaki shimizu on dementos (sateto)
  13. im going to the city by pearls before swine on these things too (reprise)
  14. samia by eddie harris, les mccan on second movement (atlantic)
  15. banana B by Banana on live (leaving records)
  16. umi no ue kara by yasuaki on yasuaki shimizu (sateto)
  17. banana A by banana on live (leaving records)
  18. money by the flying lizards on the flying lizards (virgin)
  19. paper man by charles tolliver on charles tolliver and his allstars (arista)