Tuff Signals 193


  1. Modern Dating by Ethers on s/t (Trouble In Mind)
  2. Destroyer by Lala Lala on The Lamb (Hardly Art)
  3. Trees, Grass & Stone by Deadbeat Beat on Trees, Grass & Stone (Crystal Palace Records)
  4. Television Addict by Gotobeds on Fucking in the Future (Comedy Minus One)
  5. Crimes by Dogleg on Remember Alderaan? (Table Three Media)
  6. We Are Electrocution by Le Shock on We Are Electrocution (Burger Records)
  7. New Crease by Marbled Eye on Leisure LP (Self Released)
  8. Art Of Living by Honey Bucket on Furniture Days (See My Friends Records)
  9. Sidekick by Sweet Reaper on Sidekick (Self Released)
  10. Heated by Doe on Grow Into It (TopShelf Records)
  11. Boys Got To Go by Broncho on Bad Behavior (Park The Van Records)
  12. No Backyard by Mover Shaker on Michigania (Funeral Sounds)
  13. Big Hugs by Cheer Up on Dleep Debt (Take This To Heart)
  14. Vominos by Nervous Dater on Don't Be A Stranger (Counter Intuitive Records)
  15. Bagheera by Tippy on Self Titled & Public Displays of Affection (Rare Plant)
  16. Up North by Convenient, Trash on Convenient, Trash (Self Released)
  17. Blue Again by Weekend Friends on Common Blah (Don Giovanni Records)
  18. Over Under by Wild Wild Wets on Prosom (Grizzly Records)
  19. Sometimes by Jurassic Shark on Overflow (Self Released)
  20. Cool Is The New Lame by Hayley and the Crushers on cool/lame (Self Released)
  21. You and Me (and the Sea) by King Flamingo on K-Sides Vol. 2 (Self Released)
  22. Be Kind by Blades of Joy on s/t (Melters)
  23. Technical Difficulties by Rats in the Louvre on Red Flag (Self Released)
  24. Pity Party by Proud Parents on Sharon Is Karen (Rare Plant)
  25. Talking to Myself by Prude Boys on Talking to Myself b/w Couldn't Wait (Self Released)
  26. A Lap as Ken Worthy by Vacation on Mouth Sounds #2699 (Let's Pretend Records)
  27. Shoulder It by Retirement Party on Somewhat Literate (Counter Intuitive)
  28. Miss Me Miss Me by Blizzard Babies on Missing Time (Don Giovanni Records)
  29. A Rare Kind of Weird by Ten High on Self Entitled (Rare Plant)
  30. Western Song by Jim's Younger's Spirit on No Human Tongue Can Tell (Self Released)
  31. Canyon On Fire by Wild Nothing on Indigo (Captured Tracks)
  32. Young At Heart by Milo Greene on Adult Contemporary (Self Released)
  33. I Can Treat You Better by Part Time on Spell #6 (Tough Love Records)