BIG NOTHING #81 -- "what's up valencia st. haha"


  1. Ovens by Hash Sesh on Ovens EP (Melters)
  2. Smallpox Champion by Fugazi on In On The Kill Taker (Dischord)
  3. NO TECH! by Unwound on Challenge For A Civilized Society (Numero)
  4. Pay No Mind (Snoozer) by Beck on Mellow Gold (Geffen)
  5. Sparky's Dream by Teenage Fanclub on Grand Prix (Geffen)
  6. In the Street by Big Star on #1 Record (Concord Music Group)
  7. Queen of My School by Lemon Twigs on Go To School (4AD)
  8. Too Lost in Love by The Molochs on Flowers in the Spring (Innovative Leisure)
  9. Soon by My Bloody Valentine on Loveless (Creation)
  10. d.o.u.b.l.e.u.r.o.n.g. by The Spirit of the Beehive on Hypnic (Tiny Engines)
  11. 20664 by Palm on Rock Island (Carpark Records)
  12. I'd Rather Eat Glass by Excuse 17 on Such Friends Are Dangerous (Kill Rock Stars)
  13. Scary by Chastity on Death Lust (Captured Tracks)
  14. Big Snow by LVL UP on Krill, Ovlov, LVL UP, Radiator Hospital Split (Double Double Whammy)
  15. Why Didn't You Stop Me? by Mitski on Be the Cowboy (Dead Oceans)
  16. Distant by Milk Flud on Thought Leash (MNE)
  17. Biking by Frank Ocean on Biking (Boys Don't Cry)
  18. Unknown by Ravyn Lenae on Midnight Moonlight EP (Atlantic)
  19. Charcoal Baby by Blood Orange on Negro Swan (Domino)
  20. Disco//very by Warpaint on Warpaint (Rough Trade)
  21. Dolce Vita by Ryan Paris (na)
  22. Tears Of Love by Fine on Fade (Big Crazy)
  23. Mincer Ray by Guided by Voices on Bee Thousand (Scat)
  24. I Can't Hang by Ovens on Ovens (Melters)
  25. Jasper's Theme by Tony Molina on Kill the Lights (Slumberland)
  26. Lovers' Carvings by Bibio on Ambivalence Avenue (Warp)
  27. Surf Wax America by Weezer on Blue Album (Geffen)