1. Panic Button by Johnny Moped on Cycledelic (Chiswick Records)
  2. One Way Ticket by The Nerves on One Way Ticket (Alive Naturalsound)
  3. It's Needless by The Toms on The Toms
  4. Soda Press - Demo by The Boys on The Boys (Deluxe Edition)
  5. He's a Mover by Nikki and the Corvettes on Nikki and the Corvettes
  6. Starry Eyes by The Records on Smashes, Crashes, and Near Misses
  7. Beltane Walk - BBC Live - Radio 1 9/3/71 by Marc Bolan, T. Rex on Best of BBC Recordings (Polydor)
  8. Just a Kid by Milk 'N' Cookies on Milk 'N' Cookies
  9. Nowhere So Fast by Shoes on Black Vinyl Shoes
  10. No Money by The Boys on The Boys (Deluxe Edition)
  11. Gimmie Gimmie Shock Treatment - Remastered Version by Ramones on Leave Home
  12. Somebody's Mom by Pointed Sticks on Part of the Noise (Zulu Records)
  13. Television's Over by The Adverts on Cast of Thousands
  14. No No Girl by The Quick on Untold Rock Stories
  15. No Substitute by The Shivvers on Radio Ready: Wisconsin - Lost Power Pop Hits 1979​-​1982
  16. Looking For The Magic by Dwight Twilley Band on Twilley Don't Mind
  17. Real Life Saver by Gary Charlson on Titan: It's All Pop! (Numero)
  18. pick me up by The Boys on Odds & Sodds
  19. Tumble by The Boys on The Boys (Deluxe Edition)
  20. Cool Hearted Girl by The Spongetones on Always Carry On
  21. You Must Have Crossed My Mind by The Toms on The Toms
  22. Let's Dance by Ramones on Ramones
  23. Flares N Slippers by Cockney Rejects on The Punk Years 1979
  24. Smile and Say Goodbye by Protex on Strange Obsessions (Sing Sing Records)
  25. Barbra by Modernettes on Get It Straight