JAZZ | Chromeo, Disclosure, Brazilian Girls, Kikagaku Moyo

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xx Mz Caro Prizm


Artwork paired with this episode is by Caro Prizm


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  1. Right Back Home To You - Interlude by Chromeo on Head Over Heels (Atlantic Recording) $ Buy
  2. See U (Move) by Dominic Pierce on See U (Move) (Dominic Fabrig) $ Buy
  3. Fight Club by Shigeto on Fight Club (Ghostly International) $ Buy
  4. Where Angels Fear To Tread by Disclosure on single (Disclosure) $ Buy
  5. Balla Balla - Bombay Dub Orchestra's Boys of Summer Remix - Bombay Dub Orchestra by Brazilian Girls on single (Brazilian Girls under license to Siz Degrees Records) $ Buy
  6. Everybody Loves The Sunshine by Gabriele Poso on Awakening (BBE) $ Buy
  7. Defo - Original Mix by Maajo on Defo/Mansaba (Queen Nanny) $ Buy
  8. No Habla - A Rock's Summer Fling Mix by Wolf + Lamb, John Camp, A-Rock on No Habla (Wolf + Lamb Records) $ Buy
  9. Fly Wit Me by Gramatik on SB4 (P & C 2014 Gramatil) $ Buy
  10. Waiting on You by Two Another on EP Two (Two Another) $ Buy
  11. Afro Shigida by The Bahama Soul Club, Kojato on Bossa Nova Just Smells Funky (The Bahama Soul Club) $ Buy
  12. Green Sugar by Kikagaku Moyo on House in the Tall Grass (Kikagaku Moyo) $ Buy
  13. Don't Text Me by FRANGIE on Frangie (FRANGIE) $ Buy
  14. Zuki by Jonti on Tokorats (Future Classic) $ Buy
  15. Jaipur by Mr Twin Sister on Jaipur (Twin Group) $ Buy
  16. Habesha by Te'amir on Habesha (Tru Thoughts) $ Buy
  17. Cubafro (Lokkhi Terra Meets Dele Sosimi) by Lokkhi Terra, Dele Sosimi on Cubafrobeat (Funkiwala Records) $ Buy
  18. Morning Sun by Potatohead People, Nanna.B on Nick & Astro's Guide to the Galaxy (Bastard Jazz Recordings) $ Buy
  19. Check 4 U - Original by Bovel on Check 4 U (Bovel Recordings) $ Buy
  20. Be Brave by Bells Atlas on single (Bells Atlas) $ Buy
  21. Run Away (Eric Lau & Kaidi Tatham Remix) by Moonchild, Eric Lau, Kaidi Tatham on single (Tru Thoughts) $ Buy
  22. Vertige Exhausse by Pendentif on Vertige Exhausse (LE LABEL - [PIAS]) $ Buy
  23. 32 Degrees by Jonny Drop, Lucid Paradise on The Only Sound (Albert's Favourites Ltd.) $ Buy
  24. Comme Si by Evergreen on Overseas (Because Music) $ Buy
  25. Midas by Maribou State, Holly Walker on Portraits (Counter Records) $ Buy
  26. Pool of Stars by Papadosio on Pool of Stars (Papadosio Inc.) $ Buy
  27. One of These Hearts - Duke Hugh Cosmic Dub by Benny Sings, Duke High on single (Dox Records) $ Buy