Pop Music


  1. Bubblin by Anderson .Paak (Stones Throw)
  2. Ions by Shredders on Shredders (Doomtree)
  3. Ions by Shredders on Shredders (Doomtree)
  4. One Shot Kill by Mestizo and the Heavy Twelves on Big Bad Death
  5. Heat Rock by Tobe Nwige on The Originals
  6. OYAHYTT (feat. LaKeith Stanfield) by The Coup on Sorry to Bother You: The Soundtrack (Interscope Records)
  7. Miss Eaves (Produced by KEISHH) by Thunder Thighs on Feminasty
  8. See You Dance by Mork on Music Made You Feel Something (self)
  9. Bassline Junkie by Dizzee Rascal on The Fifth (Island)
  10. Only Straight Girls Wear Dresses - CWA by CWA on StarsKillRock (Kill Rockstars)
  11. What The Fucking Shit by Scream Club on Don't Bite Your Sister (Subpop)
  12. Pr0n Song - MC Frontalot - Nerdcore Rising by MC Frontalot on Nerdcore Rising (self)
  13. The Prawn Song by Superorganism on Superorganism (Domino)
  14. Infrared (feat. Sam Drew) by Prefuse 73 on Rivington Não Rio (Temporary Residence)
  15. Time Centre by Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix on Elaste Vol 3 (Compost Records)
  16. The Lost You by Hood on The Lost You (Domino Recording)
  17. I Need a Star by Clintongore on Clintongore (Breakup Records)
  18. Being A Teenager (Is Free Palestine) by The Downer Party on Ego-Driven Lust Creatures (The Downer Party)
  19. Anomaly by Kitten Grenade on Kitten Grenade (Breakup Records)
  20. The Common by Thao & The Get Down on A Man Alive (Ribbon)
  21. We Like Having These Things by Numbers on Numbers Life (Tigerbeat6)
  22. Prison Life (Rmx Goild Chains) by Numbers on Death (Tigerbeat)
  23. I come from San Francisco by Gold Chains on Straight From Your Radio (Tigerbeat6)
  24. The B-est of B-sides by sloshy on Air-Sea-Dolphin/Sloshy (sloshy)
  25. American Football Championship Game by sloshy on Air-Sea-Dolphin (Chunklet Industries)
  26. Warm Moving Bodies - Bit Shifter Remix by Units on Connections (Units)
  27. Insane Youth by Maru on lo-bit music of the fairy tale insane (Maru)
  28. Rainbow in the Dark (Das Racist Remix) by Anamanaguchi on My Skateboard Will Go In (Anamanaguchi)
  29. Reading Rainbow by 8bit bEtty on Too Bleep to Bloop (8bit bEtty)
  30. Crimson Dreams (8bit bEtty remix) by Doctor Popular on Knifetank (Doctor Popular)
  31. Ghettochip Malfunction (Hell Yes) [Remix by 8-Bit] by Beck on Ghettochip Malfunction remix (Interscope Records)