creep magnet #66 foreign


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  1. to frank by aunt sally on aunt sally (vanity records) $ Buy
  2. alors allez by disturbed furniture on disturbed furniture (--) $ Buy
  3. jeszcze raz by belgrado on siglo xx (--) $ Buy
  4. lah ゼルダ アシュラ by zelda on ashu (sony) $ Buy
  5. セイレーン by zelda on carnaval (nippon phonogram) $ Buy
  6. Lundagin Mo, Beybi! by flying ipis on give ipis a chance ("cleaverheads" media) $ Buy
  7. chaika by pussy riot on single (pussy riot) $ Buy
  8. aaj shanibar by rupa on disco jazz (the megaphone company) $ Buy
  9. esperar as caro by mia doi todd on gea (city zen records) $ Buy
  10. ca plane pour moi by kim kay on cover (EMI) $ Buy
  11. rien de rein by ana curra on live (cover) $ Buy
  12. nice by lilput on kleenex (sunrise) $ Buy
  13. tu doch nich so by carambolage on carambolage (fuego) $ Buy
  14. 人間狩り by the comes on no side (city rocker records) $ Buy
  15. カムズ チトセ by the comes on outsider (city rocker records) $ Buy
  16. prisoner by strangers on the mad (--) $ Buy
  17. Oscura Sociedad by destruye y huye on oscura sociedad (en tu kara) $ Buy