A prerecorded episode with contributions from both Lizzy and Jess!


  1. Happy Receiver by Mayya on Magic Happens (Self Released)
  2. 14 by Friendless Summer on No Bad Days (Self Released)
  3. Kind of Love by Tasha on Alone at Last (Father/Daughter Records)
  4. Pretty Feelings by Music City (Static Shock Records)
  5. Water Over Sex by Lala Lala on The Lamb (Hardly Art Records)
  6. Oh Helen by Terry on I'm Terry (Self Released)
  7. Altar (feat. Anna Burch) by Fred Thomas on Aftering (Polyvinyl)
  8. Go Getter by Easy Habits on Greetings From... (Dumpster Tapes)
  9. Yesterday's Faces by Rays on You Can Get There From Here (Trouble In Mind Records)
  10. 72 Paperbacks by Character Actor on Character Actor (Dirt Cult Records)
  11. Tabitha by Evening Glow (Self Released)
  12. Hypnic Jerks by Spirit of the Beehive on Hypnic Jerks (Tiny Engines)
  13. I Feel Bad Bein' Me by Spiritual Cramp on Police State EP (Deranged Records)
  14. No Guns on TV Hill by Blue Streak on "No Guns on TV Hill" b/w "Dog" (Painterman Records)
  15. A Lap as Ken Worthy by Vacation on Mouth Sounds #2699 (Let's Pretend Records)
  16. Miss Me Miss Me by Blizzard Babies on Missing Time (Don Giovanni Records)
  17. Refrigeration by Jacuzzi Boys on Ping Pong (Mag Mag)
  18. Nothing Major by The Sofas on Chop Water (Jurassic Pop)
  19. Living In Excellence by Constant Mongrel on Living In Excellence (Self Released)
  20. Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie by Ruler on Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie (Secret Mission Records)
  21. On the Run by The Mandates on Dead in the Face (Self Released)
  22. Rile Up by Rye Pines on Roll with the Urchins (King Pizza Records)
  23. Brain Matter by Werewolf Jones on Werewolf Jones (Rare Plant)
  24. Milk River Blues by The Stools on Milk River Blues EP (What's for Breakfast? Records)
  25. Walk Home Alone by The Wirms on Ain't Gonna Find Me (What's for Breakfast?)
  26. Taco Truck by Satan's Pilgrims on Taco Truck (Hidden Volume Records)
  27. He's a Jerk by RunFightHide on He's a Jerk b/w Because I Love You (Hidden Volume Records)
  28. Thick Skin by Party Lights on He's Gonna Hurt You EP (Hidden Volume Records)
  29. What You Can't Mend by The Thanes on Don't Change Your Mind (Hidden Volume Records)
  30. Tell Me by King Khan & His Shrines on Three Hairs and You're Mine (Voodoo Rhythm Records)
  31. Sous la mer c'est calme by Cyril Cyril on CERTAINE RUINES (Born Bad Records)
  32. I Leave Again by Shannon & the Clams on Onion (Easy Eye Sound)
  33. Blockade by Bottom Feeders on Blockade (Six Tonnes de Chair Records)
  34. Twin Flames by Woolen Men on Post (Self Released)
  35. Out and Down by Straight Arrows on ON TOP! (Rice Is Nice Records)
  36. Down and Out by Jollys on Sweet Freak (Self Released)
  37. Grave Night by The Archaeas on Archaea (Self Released)
  38. He's a Keeper of the Fire by Subsonics on He's a Keeper of the Fire (Hidden Volume)
  39. Julia by The Lupines on Mountain of Love (Self Released)
  40. Don't Lie To Me by Rosali on Trouble Anyway (Midheaven)