C00L WORLD - 014 - Liz Caputo

Kelsey Styles sits down on location at Artist's Television Access with ceramics artist, musician, and poet, Liz Caputo, to discuss the psychology behind "pulling a geographic", navigating through the world as a multi-disciplinary artist, and queer identity.

Liz Caputo Ceramics


"Seeing Words" featured in Milk Media


  1. My Heart Dances to You by Lonely Chief on New Year Who Dis? (yost nasty)
  2. My God by Jerry Paper on My God (Stones Throw Records)
  3. Daisy by Ohyeahsumi on Daisy / Snowflakes (Sports Day Records)
  4. Black vs. Navy Blue by Hello Shark on H.S. (Orindal Records)
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  6. Who Am I To Tell You by Cornelia Murr on Lake Tear of the Clouds (Autumn Tone)
  7. Bold by Jackie Cohen on Tacoma Night Terror Part 1: I've Got The Blues (Spacebomb)
  8. Sleeping Plant by Hellier Ulysses on Ulysses Hellier (Egg Paper Factory)
  9. Lavender Lout by Pallas (Designer Medium)
  10. Cut My Nerves by Chromagain on Any Colour We Liked (Mannequin)
  11. I-C Anything Processed by Das Ding on Missing Tapes (Minimal Wave)
  12. Blue Eyes by Fall of Saigon on Untilted (Dark Entries Records)
  13. Dust It Off by The Dø on Both Ways Open Jaws (Siam Ese Squids)
  14. Keep it Out (Kate NV Remix) by Half Waif on Keep it Out (Cascine)
  15. Gispy Ferrari by Champagne Superchillin' on Beach Deep (Broken Circles / Soft Junk)
  16. Liz Caputo by Kelsey Styles on C00L WORLD
  17. Lemon Glow by Beach House on 7 (Sub Pop Records)
  18. Miracles (Back in Time) by The Dø on Shake, Shook, Shaken (Siam Ese Squids)
  19. Three Rings by Grizzly Bear on Painted Ruins (Grizzly Bear Music)
  20. Young Bride by Midlake on The Trials of Van Occupanther (Bella Union)
  21. Truth Lies Low by Andrew Bird on Are You Serious (Wegawam Music Co.)
  22. Vital Signs (Midnight Juggernauts Cover) by Tame Impala on The Crystal Axis