1. Over The Rainbow by Aunto Molly Urso
  2. Eudoxus by Mutation on Eudoxus (7
  3. Groovy & Cry Of The Lonely Wolf by Electric Connection on Groovy (12
  4. Mas Alla Del Terror by Steven Gold/Albert Verrecchia/Jean-Pierre Decerf/Frank Andrada on Mas Alla Del Terror (Banda Sonora De La Pelicula) Spanish horror psychedelic electro soundtrack
  5. Cool & Get Up by Quartz on Cool & Get Up/JouJou Interdit (7
  6. Sorry Caller No One Home by Maj Britt And The Suggestions on Sorry Caller No One Home/No One Home (7
  7. Funky Prugna by Latte E Miele (As LM Special) on Funky Prugna/Avventura (7
  8. Disko-Téka by Kim on Fils Du Soleil Levant/Disko-Téka (7
  9. Israele (In Zaire) by Gli Amici Di Famiglia on Israele/Metti Ghiaccio (7
  10. Tokyo by Caroussel on Tokyo/Shanghai
  11. Noncurance by Underground Life on Noncurance (7
  12. Addio by Luca on Addio/Piano Disco (7
  13. The Green's Man by Exploit on The Green's Man
  14. Black Shadow by Minus Group on Black Shadow (7
  15. Chopin Disco by Aleo's Band on Riproviamo/Chopin Disco (7
  16. Go One (Part 1 & Part 2) by Ash on Go One (7", 1978 - Megarare 1970s Proto Italo Cosmic Disco Single)