chemical X ep 26: songs by self-released artists


  1. Call for Peace (Aman) by Kohinoorgasm on Titalee (Self-Released)
  2. Love Child by Raveena on Shanti EP (Self Released)
  3. Johnny bravo by dizzy fae on free form mixtape (self-released)
  4. Kari Edamame by Orion Sun & Kari on A Collection of Fleeting Moments & Daydreams (self-released)
  5. space jam: an odyssey by Orion sun on a collection of fleeting moments & daydreams (Orion sun)
  6. red dye no. 2 by ida'ye on worm EP (self-released)
  7. Fruit Salad by Tierra Whack on Whack World (Self-released)
  8. Grown (feat. Corrin Sanders) by Lin-Z on Grown (feat. Corrin Sanders) (Lin-Z)
  9. radio song by simpson on Radio Song (self-released)
  10. Dew by PYNKIE on Dew (Self Released)
  11. pretty girl by clairo on diary 001 (self-released)
  12. Hello? (feat. Rejjie Snow) by Clairo on diary 001 (self-released)
  13. Hard to Admit (Live) by Weapons of Mass Creation on live at sanctuary sound (self released)
  14. Flames & Figures by The Seshen on flames and figures
  15. Tunnel Vision (ft. Shamir) by rina sawayama on RINA (Rina Sawayama)
  16. Glow Up by OSHUN on bittersweet vol. 1 (OSHUN)
  17. f e m a l e by sampa the great on the great mixtape (s/r)
  18. blessings by sampa the great on blessings (self-released)
  19. You Call Me Cold by bell's roar on We Carry Us (self-released)
  20. The Woman You Want Her to Be by The Blow on Brand New Abyss (The Blow)