BRVS #65 Severed Head Time 2 w/ Rob Fletcher


  1. I'm the Wolfman by Round Robin' on The Madness Invasion Vol. 2 (NA)
  2. Sound of Famous Monsters by Frankenstein on Sound Famous Monsters (Wonderland Records)
  3. Monster of Briarly Wood by The Orson Family on The River of Desire (na)
  4. No More Hot Dogs by Hasil Adkins on Out to Hunch (Norton Records)
  5. Paralyzed by Legendary Stardust Cowboy on Paralyzed (Ledge)
  6. I Want My Baby Back by Jimmy Cross (Cult)
  7. Jack Starr by UFO on 45 (In The Red)
  8. Zombie by The Fall-Outs (Square Target)
  9. Human Fly by Halo of Flies (na)
  10. Creature With the Atom Brain by Mike Rep et les Quotas on Stupor Hiatus (Siltbreeze)
  11. Burn The Flames by Roky Erickson on Return of the Living Dead (Real Gone Records)
  12. Nasty by The Damned (Damned Records)
  13. Black Cross by 45 Grave on 45 (Goldar Records)
  14. Day of the Dead by The Honeymoon Killers on Let It Breed (NA)
  15. Alligator Wine by Salamander Jim on Lorne Green Shares His Precious Fluids (Red Eye Records)
  16. Club Grotesque by Grong Grong on Grong Grong (Alternative Tentacles)
  17. Forest Ray Colson by The Hex Dispensers on split single with Haunted George (Hook Or Crook)
  18. Halloween II by Samhain on November Coming Fire (Caroline)
  19. The Nightrider's Theme by The Beguiled on Blue Dirge (Crypt)
  20. Dambala by Exuma on Exuma (na)
  21. The Devil's Advocate by Don Gere on Werewolves On Wheels (Finders Keepers)
  22. Through The Closet by NA on Rosemary's Baby Soundtrack (DOT Records)
  23. Demon by Claudio Simonetti on Demons Soundtrack (Rustblade)