Episode 32: Denley Hosts

Local electronic and hip-hop hosted by Denley, for Episode 32 of Opal Heights!

Alias, Doseone, Amaze 88, Ambr33zy BA, Brogan Bentley, Cat Mahatta, Citizen Ten, demahjiae, Denley, G-PEK, Go Dark, Jaji Preme, Jake Uno, Eddie K., QM, Jay Stone, Larry June, Lunacre, Mani Draper, NastyNasty, Odd Nosdam, Pax, Rexx Life Raj, Roche, Rocky Rivera, Ruby Ibarra, Russell Butler, SPF, STH L. , Tay, Secret Sidewalk, Spote Breeze, Tyler Holmes, WORK


  1. Intro by N/A
  2. This About the City...(2) [Instrumental] by Odd Nosdam on cLOUDDEAD - This About the City... / The Sound of a Handshake (Instrumentals) (Mush Records)
  3. This About the City...(3) [Instrumental] by Odd Nosdam on cLOUDDEAD - This About the City... / The Sound of a Handshake (Instrumentals) (Mush Records)
  4. The Deadener by Alias, Doseone on Less Is Orchestra (anticon.)
  5. FIRE WALK WITH ME by Ambr33zy BA on (Soundcloud)
  6. Together by Amaze 88 on Love Affair 1.5 (Self-Released)
  7. Be still, this is forever by Amaze 88 on Marriages (Self-Released)
  8. Outstanding Yes by Amaze 88 on Chancla Slaps vol. 1 (Self-Released)
  9. Love Us (Prod. B Young) by Jaji Preme on Love Us (Prod. B Young) ((Soundcloud))
  10. Gravity Games by NastyNasty on Hideous Mask (Liquid Amber)
  11. Jealousy by Rocky Rivera on Rocky's Revenge (Self-Released)
  12. Capital Cyst [7" Version] by WORK on Control / Capital Cyst [7"] (SIDE MACHINE)
  13. ? by demahjiae on Ghetto Blessings (Self-Released)
  14. State of Emergency (feat. Mani Draper) by Secret Sidewalk on (FORTHCOMING) (At the Ave. Records)
  15. Time by Rexx Life Raj (EMPIRE)
  16. Violetest Red by Go Dark on Neon Young (FORTHCOMING) (Bella Union)
  17. Told You (feat. Black Spade) by Jay Stone on Calibration of an Altered Mind (FORTHCOMING) (Gold Robot Records)
  18. You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover by Ruby Ibarra (Self-Released)
  19. Schtum (Denley and Moquel Remix) [feat. Khemmeta] by Lunacre on Schtum (Remixes) (Self-Released)
  20. Untitled (Demo) by Denley on Unreleased
  21. Somf by Pax on Fuzzoscope - Earwax Daydream Compilation (Fuzzoscope)
  22. Kaleidoscope by Spote Breeze on Not Aloud (Hot Record Societé)
  23. MEGA DEATH METTLE (feat. Mike Reed) by Citizen Ten on Unreleased
  24. Your Favorite Color by Brogan Bentley (Self-Released)
  25. One for Cherushii by Roche on Run the Length of Your Wildness - EP (Hobo Camp)
  26. Cum Cavern by Tyler Holmes on Don't Wait for It to Make Sense (Ratskin Records)
  27. Who Cares? by Cat Mahatta on Who Cares? - EP1 (Self-Released)
  28. Show Me Nothin' by STH L. , Tay (Self-Released)
  29. Sausalito by Larry June (Self-Released)
  30. G-PEK by G-PEK on G-Pek, Brycon, Eons, Yelir -There's No More Room In Hell Part 3 (Self-Released)
  31. Mercy (feat. DJ Flow) by Mani Draper on Mercy (At the Ave. Records)
  32. Dali Plays Pointguard by Secret Sidewalk on (FORTHCOMING) (At the Ave. Records)
  33. Cups Up Off the Wall by Jake Uno, Eddie K., QM on The Flood: Rap Camp, Vol. 1 (Gurp CIty)
  34. Ya Killin Me by Luke Sick on Moves Presents.... Hiss 3 - Hissterectomy (Low Pressure Records)
  35. LIKE MAGIC by The Zap Tap on The Awkward Jog Back (Self-Released)
  36. Anything (Demo) [produced by Denley] by The Zap Tap on EVERYTHING. (FORTHCOMING)