a warm understanding


  1. midnight stroll by the revels on rockabilly & rebels (nordic entertainment)
  2. I like black by the residents on the bunny boy (santa dog)
  3. caravan by arthur lyman on taboo (rykodisc)
  4. I walked all night by the embers on roots of the cramps (garage masters)
  5. topaz(november) by emil richards on stones (purple pyramid)
  6. killjoy by exploded view on exploded view (sacred bones)
  7. in a manner of speaking by tuxedo moon on holy wars (crammed discs)
  8. seasoned greetings by the residents on meet the residents (Ralph)
  9. con alma by randy weston on african rythms (planet woo)
  10. moonlight in glory by brian eno and david byrne on my life in the bush of ghosts (nonesuch)
  11. velvet by lawrence cook,Bill Dixon,Alan silva,mario pavone on november 1981 (kepach)
  12. electric freedom colors by oliver lake on NTU:the point from which creation begins (soul jazz)
  13. midnite stroll by tuxedo moon on half mute/scream with a view (crammed discs)
  14. When I Get the Blues (The Strangeness In Me) by the runabouts on songs the cramps taught us volume 1. (born bad)
  15. sweet meat alt. 2 by randy weston on tanjah (verve)
  16. ask yee by hype williams on rainbow edition (big dada)
  17. come with us by brian eno david byrne on my life in the bush of ghosts (nonesuch)
  18. the call by mal waldron,jimmy jackson,ebhardt weber,fred braceful on the call (JAPO/ECM)
  19. a secret life by brian eno & david byrne on my life in the bush of ghosts (nonesuch)
  20. A Sketch For A Summer by The Durutti Column on The Return of the Durutti Column (london music stream)
  21. Sinners by Freddie & The Hitch-Hikers on the roots of the cramps (garage masters)
  22. raven raven by exploded view on obey (sacred bones)
  23. stolling after dark by the shades on tell me not to hurt (garage masters)
  24. no tears by tuxedo moon on desire (crammed discs)
  25. crying by roy orbison on crying (SONY)