The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #138

ambient dub rave.


  1. AND THE FLOWERS HAVE TIME FOR ME by Felicia Atkinson / Jefre Cantu-Ledesma on Limpid As The Solitudes
  2. Wolfe by Young Echo on Young Echo (Young Echo)
  3. Revsic by Richard Devine on Sort\Lave
  4. Continue by ZULI on Terminal (UIQLP003) (UIQ)
  5. Enclave by Nazar on Enclave (Hyperdub)
  6. Pile Up by Demdike Stare on Passion
  7. Smart House by DJPUPPY on Nocturnal Idiot / 夜行馬鹿
  8. Kueen by BFTT on Blue 03 (Visit
  9. Telephone Rose by E-Talking on Blue 04 (Visit
  10. The Ten And The Zero by Kid606 on GQ on the EQ++ (1999) (Visit
  11. Mensa Dunce Squad (Leg Up Program) by Lesser on Mensa Dance Squad
  12. Phasez by Bakground on Clubjammerz (Visit
  13. Busy Get Busy by Refreshers on How Bout U? (Visit
  14. Angels by DJ Different on Permission 2 Dance
  15. The Definitive Hardcore Anthem by Kreggo + Textasy on SECRET RAVE 04 (Visit
  16. Akhtuboot (ft. Abyusif) by ZULI on Terminal (UIQLP003) (UIQ)
  17. choeo3 by exael on collex (OUEST096) (West Mineral Ltd.)
  18. SIr by woopheadclrms on Nocturnal Idiot / 夜行馬鹿 (Visit
  19. Bnn by Peter Maximowitsch on Kan't EP (Visit
  20. Bit Dust by Kindohm on RISC Chip (Visit
  21. Submersible Quince by William Fields on Augmented Duality (William Fields)
  22. Harakiri by Christoph de Babalon on Hectic Shakes (Visit
  23. Untitled 1 by Marco Lazovic on Young Days (Visit
  24. 1990 by Traxman
  25. Return to Ghetto by Steve Poindexter