On this debut episode of ALLSORTS: Michele K-tel spins new sounds from ethereal composer Julia Holter, UKs post punk trio Bas Jan, global funk from The Mauskovic Dance Band, Mohama Saz's Mediterranean psych rock, Chicago drummer Makaya McCraven and HEY, it’s the brand new release from Oakland's RAYS!  Plus, a dusted off out-of-print vinyl spotlight from 1987 and loose connections on a current crisis #smoke #fire #justkeepbreathing


  1. Smoke Gets In by The Budos Band on Budos Band EP (Daptone)
  2. Blow the Smoke Away by Les Paul & Mary Ford on The World is Waiting for the Sunrise (Del Ray)
  3. Campfire (Hisham Bharoocha & Rusty Santos Remix) by Grizzly Bear on Horn of Plenty (The Remixes) (Kanine)
  4. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by Thelonious Monk on Solo on Vogue (DWK)
  5. Great Fire Burns by XTC on Mummer (Virgin)
  6. Fight Fire by The Golliwogs on Nuggets : Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era, Vol. 3 (Rhino)
  7. Season of Fires by Tim Cohen on Magic Trick (Captured Tracks)
  8. To the Fire by Rays on You Can Get There From Here (Trouble in Mind)
  9. Everyday is an Emergency by Julia Holter on Aviary (Domino)
  10. Please Stay. Keep Breathing. by Ben Lamar Gay on Grapes (International Anthem Recording Co.)
  11. Breathe by Laura Marling on Once I Was An Eagle (Ribbon)
  12. Breathe.Something / Stellar Star by Flying Lotus on Los Angeles (WARP)
  13. Breath and Length by Residents on Meet the Residents (Cryptic Corporation)
  14. The Midnight Room by Pram on Across the Meridian (Domino)
  15. Break
  16. Profile Picture by Bas Jan on Instant Nostalgia (Lost Map)
  17. Break
  18. Olympic Girls by Tiny Ruins on Olympic Girls (Ba Da Bing!)
  19. Lantern Song by The Other Years on The Other Years (No Quarter)
  20. Tiny Witch Hunter by Hen Ogledd on Mogic (Weird World)
  21. Shapeshifter by Richard Dawson on Peasant (Weird World)
  22. What Am I Doing? by The Reivers on Saturday (Capitol)
  23. Class War by Ty Segall on Fudge Sandwich (In The Red)
  24. In My Mouth by Wax Chattels on Live at Part Time Punks (Captured Tracks)
  25. Things to Do by Mauskovic Dance Band on Things to Do (Soundway)
  26. Swimming by Booker Stardrum on Temporary Etc. (NNA Tapes)
  27. Semana Santa by Mohama Saz on Viva el Rey (Mohama Saz)
  28. Tall Tales by Makaya McCraven on Universal Beings (International Anthem)
  29. Fractals by Jessica Moss on Entanglements (Constellation)