1. No More Summer Rain by Kedr Livanskiy on No More Summer Rain (2MR)
  2. Mossy Cyphol by North Sea Dialect on Local Guide (Numbers)
  3. Paris Is Melting by Reckonwrong on Whities 018 (Whities)
  4. Tru by Laurel Halo & Hodge on Tru / Opal / The Light Within You (Livity Sound)
  5. Somethings More Painful Than Others by Planningtorock on Powerhouse (DFA)
  6. Bow by Zuli on Numbers (UIQ)
  7. Harakiri by Christoph De Babalon on Hectic Shakes (Alter)
  8. Dark Cut (feat. Jonnine Standish) by Croatian Amor on Isa (Posh Isolation)
  9. Bottle Brush by Shit And Shine on Bad Vibes (Rocket Recordings)
  10. Psalms of the Khori Puma (feat. Elysia Crampton) by Oxhy on Psalms of the Khori Puma (Yegorka)
  11. The Narcissist (feat. Inga Copeland) by Dean Blunt on The Narcissist II (Hippos In Tanks)
  12. Idea for Contradiction 2 by Ian William Craig on Thresholder (FatCat)
  13. Runaway by Objekt on Cocoon Crush (PAN)
  14. Regal V by Scandinavian Star on SOLAS (Posh Isolation)
  15. Been Really Good Today by Etelin on Hui Terra (Soda Gang)
  16. Nereid by Kelly Moran on Ultraviolet (Warp)
  17. Ehh??? (for Folke Rabe) by Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe on The Black Book (iDEAL Recordings)
  18. Hello Stranger by Julia Holter on Loud City Song (Domino)
  19. Dark Just by Sunun on Ooid (Bokeh Versions)
  20. The Silence Beneath Ancient Grounds by Old Tower on Drachenblut (Hospital Productions)
  21. Parental Youth by JASSS on The Black Book (iDEAL Recordings)
  22. ABOVE by Lapalux on ABOVE_BETWEEN_BELOW (Brainfeeder)