sand to rain


  1. durango by JJ Cale on anyway the wind blows (universal international)
  2. cosmic manhunt by eternal tapestry on beyond the 4th door (eternal tapestry)
  3. before I rest by les mcann on layers (atlantic)
  4. song II: left; on the beat-variations by peter zumo on frame loop (foom)
  5. toucan oean by jon hassell on vernal equinox (jon hassell)
  6. The Cat is Missing by The Kramford Look on 1970 (wonderfulsound)
  7. passacaglia in c minor by Hubert laws on afro classic (sony music)
  8. bread of dreams by eternal tapestry on dawn in two dimensions (thrill jockey)
  9. Harder and Harder Spiritual by Rahsaan Roland Kirk on Natural Black Inventions: Root Strata (Atlantic)
  10. The Telepath by The Kramford Look on telepaths (wonderfulsound)
  11. connie by eddie henderson on coming through (capitol)
  12. almost chinese by k. leimer on a period of review (RVNG)
  13. kakoke nalu by mike cooper on rayon hula (mike cooper)
  14. night gallery III by eternal tapestry, sun araw on night gallery (eternal tapestry)
  15. the currents of space by eternal tapestry on a world out of time (eternal tapestry)
  16. collage for polly by joe farrell on joe farrell quartet (sony music)
  17. fire and rain by hubert laws on afro classic (sony music)
  18. deeper by babyfather on platinum tears (babyfather)
  19. manha by azymuth on azimuth (som livre)
  20. feeling good by art fyenman on blast off through the wicker (western vinyl)
  21. the choice by bertholer on merry lines (MLBH)