Tuff Signals 201


  1. We Lead Them To Our Doors by Savak on Beg Your Pardon (Taken By Surprise)
  2. Frogs by Cannibale on NOT EASY TO COOK (Born Bad Records)
  3. Yesterday's Faces by Rays on You Can Get There From Here (Trouble In Mind Records)
  4. I Wash I Woulda Known by Flesh Panthers on I Wish I Woulda Known (Self Released)
  5. My Time by Saylavees on My Time (Self Released)
  6. My Friends by Doe on Grow Into It (Big Scary Monsters)
  7. New Disguise by Axis: Sova on Early Surf (God? Records)
  8. Dancing by Basement Revolver on Heavy Eyes (Sonic Unyon)
  9. Killer They Send by Delicate Flowers on Die Progress Unit I (Sniffling Indie Kids)
  10. Dona Verano by Tropa Magica on Tropa Magica (Tropi)
  11. Lover's Leap by Marshmallow Coast on Memory Girl (HHBTM)
  12. Take You Dancing by Goodbye Honolulu on More Honey (Fried / Burger)
  13. Box Don't Break by Paddlefish on Spill Me! (High Dive)
  14. Don't Deserve Love by Bad Sports on Constant Stimulation (Dirtnap Records)
  15. As I Bloom by Los Scallywags on As I Bloom (Self Released)
  16. Strays by Radar State on Attention : A Wiretap Charity Compilation (Wiretap Records)
  17. All My Friends Are Capricorns by Bleach Party on NOLA (Self Released)
  18. Rat Kid by Suzie True on Nothing to You (Buzz Records)
  19. Doe Eyes by Tony Saxon on Manic Depressive Idiot Savant (Mint 400)
  20. Scream by Wax Idols on Happy Ending (Etruscan Gold)
  21. Mach Lii by Don Babylon on Foul! (Medical)
  22. Question It by Ian Sweet on Crush Crusher (Hardly Art)
  23. Radium Girls by Night Birds on Roll Credits (Far Wreck Chords)
  24. Steam Train by Moonwalks on In Light (The Scales in the Frame) (Stolen Body Records)
  25. Steam Train by Moonwalks on In Light (The Scales in the Frame) (Stolen Body Records)
  26. A Ghost Named Milk by The Burning Peppermints on A Ghost Named Milk//Cape II (Self Released)
  27. This Town by Gestures on Funny Games (PNKSLM)
  28. Leave Him Now by Cloud Nothings on Last Building Burning (Carpark)
  29. Heart Strings by Priors on New Pleasure (Slovenly Records)
  30. Vultures by Chemtrails on Cuckoo Split EP (PNKSLM)
  31. Wild & Weak by WAAX on Wild & Weak EP (Self Released)
  32. Small Man by Reckling on Reckling (Burger Records)
  33. Pretty Miss Titty by Ty Segall on Fudge Sandwich (In The Red)
  34. 1000 Whispers by Warmduscher on Whale City (The Leaf Label)
  35. Sugar God by Life on Popular Music (Afghan Moon)