The Revolution Summer 084


  1. Parking Lot by Mineral on The Power Of Failing (Crank!)
  2. Crooked Shadows by Dashboard Confessional on Crooked Shadows (Fueled By Ramen)
  3. Overbite by Sincere Engineer on Rhombitian (Red Scare)
  4. Hollow by Cry, The Monarch on If I GIve Up (Self Released)
  5. 2's & 3's by A New Found Glory on Nothing Gold Can Stay (Drive Thru)
  6. Half Of Ninety by Pop Unknown on If Arsenic Fails, Try Algebra (Deep Elm)
  7. I Still Don't Understand Why People Have To Die by Skull Kid on I Promise That's Not The Truth (Driftwood)
  8. Coexist by Have Mercy on Make The Best Of It (Hopeless)
  9. The Secret Nine by Penfold on Our FIrst Taste Of Escape (Milligram)
  10. I Was Going To Cross This Out by Transit on Keep This To Yourself (Run For Cover)
  11. I Don't Wanna Fuck With Another Dude's Snacks by Dads on Brush Your Teeth, Again ;) (Carucage Records)
  12. Heels Of Lions by Sinai Vessel on Labor Pains (Self Released)
  13. One In The Same by Joie De Vivre on The North End (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  14. Hearing Things by Cross My Heart on The Emo Diaries, Chapter Three: The Moment of Truth (Deep Elm)
  15. I'm Here For The Pizzah Partie by Two Knights on A Lot Of Bad Things Happened, But We Are Still Here (Count Your Lucly Stars!)
  16. Have I Always Loved You? by Copeland on Ixora (Tooth & Nail)
  17. Woe by Say Anything on ...Is A Real Boy (Dog House)
  18. Blacktop by Being As An Ocean on Waiting For Morning To Come (Impericon)
  19. Ink by Finch on Say Hello To Sunshine (Drive Thru)
  20. Too Good Your Dreams Don't Come True by Mock Orange on Put The Kid On The Sleepy Horse (Top Shelf)
  21. Pioneers by The Crownhate Ruin on Elementary (T.C. Ruin)
  22. Death Of The First Born At The Hands Of The Almighty by Captain, We're Sinking on The Animals Are Out (Lock & Key Collective)
  23. Moving Too Far by Twothirtyeight on Regulate The Chemicals (Takehold)
  24. Paper Thin Feather Fuck by Victor! Fix The Sun on Person Place Or Thing (Friction)
  25. Of Summer by Dad Thighs on The Ghosts That I Fear (Old Press)
  26. Submerge by Movements on Feel Something (Fearless)
  27. Goodbye, Sky Harbor by Jimmy Eat World on Clarity (Dreamworks)