B-Side Dreams 144 - More to Soothe


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  1. Okinawa Fantasia by Martin Glass on The Pacific Visions of Martin Glass (Kit Records 2017) $ Buy
  2. Sunset Village by Beverly Glenn-Copeland on Keyboard Fantasies (Atlast Records 1986) $ Buy
  3. Take Some Time Out by The Durutti Column on Short Stories for Pauline (LTM 2012 (Factory 1983)) $ Buy
  4. Dancing Rain by Gaussian Curve on The Distance (Music from Memory 2017) $ Buy
  5. Renee Sleeping by Suzanne Kraft on Talk from Home (Melody as Truth 2015) $ Buy
  6. Exit Seven by Jonny Nash on Exit Strategies (Melody as Truth 2015) $ Buy
  7. Over at Dieter's Place by Mark Barrott on Sketches from an Island 2 (International Feel/NEWS 2016) $ Buy
  8. Going Forth by Day by Colleen on The Weighing of the Heart (Second Language 2013) $ Buy
  9. Oasis by Ashra on Correlations (Virgin 1979) $ Buy
  10. The Fawn by The Sea and Cake on The Fawn (Thrill Jockey 1997) $ Buy
  11. Underwater Boy by Virna Lindt on Shiver (The Compact Organization 1984) $ Buy
  12. Liquid Diamonds by Leon Lowman on Liquid Diamonds (Music from Memory 2013 (OG 1980-82)) $ Buy