transfiguration #72 Halloween Horror Set


  1. The Haunted House by Walt Disney Sound Effects Group on Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House
  2. Verse 1 and Main Titles by The Radiophonic Workshop on Possum (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  3. The Tunnel by Marie Davidson on Working Class Woman
  4. Rattles by Aja on Aja
  5. DNA ☤ ∞ by Aïsha Devi on DNA Feelings
  6. Students of the Salonica Quaker Girl's School - Dance of Jerissos (Ierissos) by Deben Bhattacharya on Paris to Calcutta: Men and Music on the Desert Road
  7. Buona San Senpei (Original) by Akatana on Crazy Diamonds
  8. In Medias Res by Raime on We Can't Be That Far from the Beginning
  9. Christine by Blue Chemise on Daughters of Time
  10. The Silence Beneath Ancient Grounds by Old Tower on Drachenblut
  11. Corah II by Janek Schaefer on What Light There Is Tells Us Nothing
  12. Dark Moon by Holger Czukay on Moving Pictures
  13. Le Notti 2.0 by Fossil Aerosol Mining Project on The First 15 Minutes of the Second Sequel
  14. Chapitre V by Murcof on Lost in Time
  15. Blood by Charlie Clouser on Dead Silence
  16. Belongings Thrown in a River by Thom Yorke on Suspiria (Music for the Luca Guadagnino Film)
  17. Verse 2, Possum Sting and Undercurrent by The Radiophonic Workshop on Possum (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  18. Possum (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Common Eider, King Eider on A Wound of Body
  19. A Mask of Flesh by Mike Cooper on Tropical Gothic
  20. First Overture (Spiritual Atom) by Jlin on Autobiography (Music from Wayne Mcgregor's Autobiography)
  21. In Honduras Death Caused By Being Chased By Spirits by Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement on Folklore Venom
  22. Nice Setting by Uuuu on Uuuu
  23. El Alfabeto Cartílago by Bardo Todol on Adzer
  24. Dalang by Panchasila on Panchasila
  25. The Stethacanthus / Skin Walkers by Embassador Dulgoon on Hydrorion Remnants
  26. Hurry by Klein on FABRICLIVE 100: Kode9 & Burial
  27. Inpatient by Klon Dump on Two Rooms
  28. A Feast Before the Drought by Puce Mary on The Drought
  29. God (feat. Lamb Kebab) by Réelle on Kissing Myself
  30. Hellgate Bridge by Ron Morelli
  31. Athanatos by Dopplereffekt on Athanatos
  32. Discreet & Perfect for Travel by Samantha Glass on Nine Memories Between Impression &
  33. Crib by Spiritflesh on Spiritflesh
  34. Canaxis by Technical Space Composer's Crew on Canaxis 5
  35. Deep-Mouthed by Outlaw Compound on New Primitive
  36. Climbing up the Walls, Pt. 1 by Toydrum on Prevenge (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  37. Liminalidad by Lucrecia Dalt on Anticlines
  38. One Man And His God by Neil Tolliday on Music For Deathbeds
  39. Cair Paravel by indi on Precipice
  40. The Rainbow Carverns (From Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland by George Bruns on Walt Disney Records the Legacy Collection: Disneyland
  41. Storytime by Danny Elfman on Edward Scissorhands (Music From the Motion Picture)
  42. A Book of Blood by Javier Navarrete on Pan's Labyrinth (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)
  43. Mirror by M. Geddes Gengras