Ep.40 12.23.18 (RA Top Tracks 2018)


  1. My Friend the Forest by Nils Frahm on All Melody (Erased Tapes Records Ltd.)
  2. If The Care Beside You Moves Ahead by James Blake on If The Care Beside You Moves Ahead (Polydor Ltd.)
  3. Real People Not Actors by Raime on Am I Using Content or is Content Using Me? (Different Circles)
  4. Transition 2 by Joy O, Ben Vince on Transition 2/Systems Align (Hessle Audio)
  5. Neutron Dance by Krystal Klear on The Division (RB Running Back GmbH & Co.)
  6. It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) - Edit by Peggy Gou on It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) (Ninja Tune)
  7. First Casualty by Nathan Micay on Whities 017 (Whities)
  8. Bone Sucka by Pangaea on Bone Sucka (Hessle Audio)
  9. Ramos by Ploy on Ramos (Timedance)
  10. Problem Solving Program by Beta Librae on Subspecies (Allergy Season)
  11. Tawa by Deena Abdelwahed on Khonnar (InFine)
  12. God by Sinjin Hawke, Zora Jones on Vicious Circles (Planet Mu Records Ltd.)
  13. Hunted by Lotic on Power (Tri Angle)
  14. AS Too Wrong by Amnesia Scanner on Another Life (PAN)
  15. 106 Slipper by GILA on Shedskin Pt.33 (Gila)
  16. Automated Lover by Schake on Kulor 001 (Kulor)
  17. Work It by Marie Davidson on Working Class Woman (Ninja Tune)
  18. Dino by Dinamarca on Sol De Mi Vida (Rinse)
  19. Silky by Peach on Introduction (InterGraded)
  20. Kat Paint (feat. Actress) by Young Paint on Young Paint (Werk___ltd./The Vinyl Factory)
  21. Spitting & Skytouching by Andrea Belfi on Flowers From The Ashes: Contemporary Italian Electronic Music (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
  22. Anzu by Kilchhofer on The Book Room (Marionette)
  23. The Totem That Guides Us by Overlook on Public Images - EP (UVB-76 Music)
  24. Raw Silk Uncut Wood by Laurel Halo on Raw Silk Uncut Wood (Latency Recordings)