Show #1 / Bedroom Pop / 1.2.19

If you looked up “ bedroom pop” on Urban Dictionary, here’s what you’d find -- “A genre DIY indie music, bedroom pop is characterized by its lo-fi quality and often contemplative lyrics.” Basically, it’s DIY at its essence and as you’ll hear in the next couple of hours, these are some favorites from the past (as early as 2010) the present and artists to watch out for in 2019.


  1. Gamble by TOKiMONSTA on Midnight Menu (n/a)
  2. Shallow by Hannah Vu on How Many Times Have You Driven By (n/a)
  3. Chamber of Reflection by Mac DeMarco on Salad Days (n/a)
  4. 4EVER by Clairo on 4EVER (n/a)
  5. Sunnyside by Cuco on Chiquito (n/a)
  6. Déjate Llevar by The Marías on Superclean, Vol. 1 (n/a)
  7. Saika Gets Her Hopes Up by Yumi Zouma on EP (n/a)
  8. New Theory by Washed Out on Life of Leisure (n/a)
  9. Punks and Potions by Only Real on Days in the City (n/a)
  10. Cool (feat. Satchy) by Hana Vu on How Many Times Have You Driven By (n/a)
  11. Drown by Cuco & Clairo on Drown (n/a)
  12. Remember You At All by Yumi Zouma on Yoncalla (n/a)
  13. Long Gone by Phum Viphurit on Manchild (n/a)
  14. Falling for U by Peachy!, mxmtoon on Falling for U (n/a)
  15. Velvet Light by Jakob Ogawa on Velvet Light (n/a)
  16. Care by Temporex on Care (n/a)
  17. A Little While by Yellow Days on Harmless Melodies (n/a)
  18. Khmlwugh by HOMESHAKE on Fresh Air (n/a)
  19. Loving is Easy by Rex Orange County, Benny Sings on Loving is Easy (n/a)
  20. The Moon Song by baebadoobee, pig on The Moon Song (n/a)
  21. Jamz by SALES on SALES LP (n/a)
  22. Heaven by Clairo on Heaven (n/a)
  23. I'm Just Snacking by Gus Dapperton on I'm Just Snacking (n/a)
  24. Off and On by SALES on Off and On (n/a)
  25. In Camera by Yumi Zouma on In Camera (n/a)
  26. CR-V by Cuco on CR-V (n/a)
  27. You Say I'm in Love by Banes World on You Say I'm in Love (n/a)
  28. Television/So Far So Good by Rex Orange County on Apricot Princess (n/a)
  29. Gypsy by Hana Vu on Gypsy (n/a)
  30. Nothing Could Be Better by Homeshake on Nothing Could Be Better (n/a)
  31. Lover Boy by Phum Viphurit on Lover Boy (n/a)
  32. SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK by Joji on BALLADS 1 (n/a)
  33. Seabirds by Pizzagirl on Seabirds (n/a)
  34. Something About You by Sophie Meiers on Something About You (n/a)
  35. Drip by The Marías on Triathalon (n/a)