Episode 37: Denley Hosts

Denley Hosts

Alias, Airlocke, Bakon One, Benito, Benito, BOATS, Broken Convertibles, Broken Figures, Brycon, Cat Mahatta, Cheflee, Creatrix, Cyph4, D-Styles, DJ True Justice, Doseone, eighty9s, Iamsu!, Jillesque, Kodac Visualz, Mejiwahn, Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer, NimSins, Nobl, Odd Nosdam, On Tilt, Pax, Phedee, Rafa, RITCHRD, Roughneck Jihad, Sacred Hoop, scienceband, Shungu, Simmi, Sndtrak, STILLSHINE, Stoney Creation, Teeko, The I.M.F., the Nomad, Them Prisms, Third Sight, TV Blonde, Versâam, vinaythebuddha, Vrai, Wolf Langis, xyla


  1. Intro by N/A
  2. Glu (Pacific Yew Edit) by Mejiwahn, Shungu (Hot Record Societê)
  3. Set You Free by Rafa, the Nomad, vinaythebuddha., Versâam on Set You Free (People's Intelligent Arts)
  4. never by Jillesque on Soundcloud
  5. ghosts (feat. Swoonz) by Vrai on BOK (Resonate)
  6. romance by Phedee on Soundcloud
  7. Ambient 7 (Denley Remix) by Benito
  8. G-PEK by G-PEK on G-Pek, Brycon, Eons, Yelir -There's No More Room In Hell Part 3 (Self-Released)
  9. Send by Pax, TV Blonde on Wildflower (Paxico Records)
  10. Delicate by NimSins
  11. Oct_2nd by STILLSHINE on Soundcloud
  12. s a p p h i r by Stoney Creation on Soundcloud
  13. Emotion by Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer, Third Sight, D-Styles, Roughneck Jihad on Night Time Stories (Beatsqueeze Records)
  14. Rice by Cheflee on Soundcloud
  15. Another Myth by Shungu on Exile Dreams (Hot Record Societé)
  16. YUP UH HUH by Wolf Langis on Unreleased
  17. flippy 14 by Odd Nosdam on FLIPPIES BEAT TAPE (Self-Released)
  18. Rap Attack by The I.M.F., Kodac Visualz, Bakon One on Out the Bunker (AsthmaFunkRecords)
  19. kdf by eighty9s on Soundcloud
  20. Ounces by Broken Convertibles on Smart Bomb Water for the Town Compilation ((Forthcoming))
  21. New French Girlfriend by Airlocke on Rolling Up the Years (Self-Released)
  22. Findurself by Sndtrak on Howitsnd (At the Ave. Records)
  23. Building Blocks by Sacred Hoop on Runny Poop EP (Megakut Records)
  24. Beast by Cat Mahatta
  25. The Journalist (Prod. Baghead) by Cyph4 on Warning Signs (Self-Released)
  26. Blessed (Done Deal) by Iamsu! on Blessed (Eyes on Me LLC)
  27. All Liquored Up by On Tilt on Drink Floyd (Megakut Records)
  28. Highway (feat. Vocab Slick & Z-Man) by DJ True Justice (Francisco St. Productions)
  29. The Bay by BOATS on ScribbleFace (Self-Released)
  30. Top Billin II by Alias, Doseone on Less Is Orchestra (anticon.)
  31. isodoped by scienceband on Soundcloud
  32. electribe pattern 143 118bpm (live recording 8.13.18.) by Benito on Soundcloud
  33. Possession by RITCHRD on I Love Dogs (Chi-Ching Records)
  34. Kongo Jungle (Creatrix Tribute to Donkey Kong) by Creatrix on Soundcloud
  35. Ardor by Nobl, Teeko on Voce (Self-Released)
  36. Untitled (Demo) by Them Prisms on Unreleased
  37. Untitled (Demo) by Broken Figures on Unreleased
  38. 4real by xyla on 4real (Self-Released)
  39. Creep by Simmi on Simmi World, Vol. 1 - EP (Simmisimmishoowhop)
  40. wavs crashing by Wolf Langis on Unreleased