Ep.42 01.06.19 (Polyrhythmic Techno)


  1. Högre by Evigt Mörker on Paradise Goulash (Eskimo Recordings)
  2. Veles by Don't DJ on All Love Affairs Fail but They Never End (Berceuse Heroique)
  3. Original - Original (feat. Teo Schulte) by Heiko Laux on Polyrythm (Rejected)
  4. Yes, Today by Stanislav Tolkachev on Why Are You So Frightened (Control)
  5. Helter Skelter by Zomby on One Food Ahead of the Other (RAMP Recordings)
  6. War Of The Usurper by Dubiosity on Subonation of Perjury EP (Planet Rhythm)
  7. Energy Pulse by Woo York on Chasing The Dream (Afterlife Recordings)
  8. 1989 by Boston 168 on 5 Years In Love With Involve (Involve Records)
  9. MMM Meets Tshetsha Boys by MMM on Shangaan Shake (Honest Jon's Records)
  10. Hypernova by Woo York on Real Of Consciousness Pt.II (Afterlife Recordings)
  11. Agraphobia - Original Remastered by LA Synthesis on Agraphobia Relapse (Plink Plonk Music)
  12. Voices From The Dawn by Adriatique on Ray (Afterlife Recordings)
  13. Taotast by Korridor on Taotast (Northern Electronics)
  14. Crash - VLSI Version by Monolake on VLSI (Imbalance Computer Music)
  15. Nest of Queens by Rrose on The Ends of Weather (Eaux)
  16. Interdimensional Entity by Milton Bradley on The Unheard Voices (Do Not Resist The Beat!)
  17. Immolate by Sam KDC on The Order & The Entity (Auxiliary)
  18. Decelerate by Joachim Spieth on Archives (10 Years Affin) (Affin)