transfiguration #80


  1. The Bridge by Giulio Aldinucci on Salaam for Yemen
  2. Shinrin-yoku by GAMA on Microscopic Cookbook
  3. #1 by Aphex Twin on Selected Ambient Works, Vol. 2
  4. Gaze (1/2) by SK U KNO on U Kno
  5. Paprika Shorts by BEAST on Ens
  6. Secret Snake by Objekt on Cocoon Crush
  7. Parallax Scrolling by Boxcutter on Sheene
  8. Feeling Emotional (Flug 8's Ambient Incantation) by Anna Lann on Embodiment
  9. Nektarin 5 by Olsen on Dream Operator
  10. Landing by Seb Wildblood on Grab the Wheel
  11. Distance by Protect-U on U-Udios One
  12. Venus & Mercury by Deadboy on Psychic Hotline
  13. A1. L.T.C. by / / / /
  14. Nemesis by Bonaventure on Mentor
  15. Martian Morse Cöd by Super Nova on Planetary Invazion
  16. Boolean by Carl Finlow on Boolean
  17. Vanilight (Priori Rezone) by Ex-Terrestrial on Portal Vision
  18. City Limits by Derek Carr on Contact
  19. No Fun by Text Chunk on No Fun
  20. The City by Subjoi on The City
  21. Le Phoque by Panthera Krause on All My Circuits Part I
  22. Claustrum by Henry Saiz on A Walk Through the Haze
  23. Mojave Skyline by Ex-Terrestrial on Euphorbia