J'aime Regarder Les Filles


  1. J'aime regarder les filles (Original Maxi) by Patrick Coutin
  2. Groovy & Cry Of The Lonely Wolf by Electric Connection on Groovy (12
  3. Tri-Tra-Trullala by Joachim Witt on Edelweiß
  4. Proviamo A Vivere by Antonella Lualdi on Si, Però...
  5. Mizu Cina by Dzeltenie Pastnieki on Vienmer Klusi
  6. Vratimo se prirodi by Moni Kovačič
  7. It Takes Time by Richenel on La Diferencia (Music From Memory)
  8. Samedi Soir by Drums Music Show on Sexi Banana (7")
  9. Israele (In Zaire) by Gli Amici Di Famiglia on Israele/Metti Ghiaccio (7
  11. Tout Le Monde S'amuse (Maxi 45 Tours) by Regrets
  12. Sunshine Baby by Clout on Substitute
  13. 85 Degree by Maika Music (Taxi)
  14. Behind the Shades by Oppenheimer Analysis on New Mexico
  15. Mondd meg batran by M7 & Postassy Julia
  16. Cuj, Cuj by Dubravka