First REAL show of 2019

We are back! No recaps! No replays! Listen to some "new to you" Japanese pop and enjoy the rainy day!


  1. 瞳で片想い by 八木さおり on 瞳で片想い/センシティブ・ハート
  2. Binetsu Shokobutsu by Miki Hirayama on MIKI WORLD
  3. L.A. Tonight by Miki Hirayama on MIKI WORLD
  4. 愛の戦士 (Warrior Of Love) by Ishida Yoko (石田燿子) on 美少女戦士セーラームーンS
  5. Jealousy by Keiko Mizukoshi on I'm Fine
  6. リボンをほどいて by 河上幸恵 on ブルー・エトランゼ
  7. ときめき Wining by 小田陽子 on ニューヨーク1961
  8. Chinese Soup by Yumi Matsutoya on COBALT HOUR
  9. Do You Love Me ? by Hitomi Ishikawa on Campus Live
  10. さても天晴 夢桜 by Mioko Yamaguchi on 月姫 Tsukihime
  11. 夢みていたい by Akiko Nakamura on 虹色の湖・中村晃子ヒットアルバム
  12. 愛色の季節 by Junko Yagami on JUNKO THE BEST
  13. ひと夏のタペストリー by Tomoko Aran on 浮遊空間
  14. Yokohama Energy by Yuko Kawai on Fujiyama Paradise
  15. 嫌いですか Do You Hate It by Miko Miyazaki on Mellow
  16. どんな手段使っても (Whatever It Takes) by Junko Yagami on COMMUNICATION
  17. 情熱のささやき by 小高恵美 on ベスト
  18. NEW by Yuki Okazaki on So Many Friends
  19. Souvenir by Miki Matsubara on The Premium Best Miki Matsubara
  20. Sunset · Seaside by Yuko Asano on ベスト・ヒット
  21. Blue Note by Tomoko Amitani on Color sensation
  22. グッバイ~シャープに抱いて by Hitomi on Next Door
  23. Boy Hunt by Megumi Hara on Complete Singles 1980-1991 (Solid Records)
  24. World Of Love by Tomoko Soryo on City Lights By The Moonlight
  25. Tasogare by Junko Ohashi on Magical (Phillips)
  26. Another Face by Itoh Kazue on Another Face