Puppets Against the Patriarchy


  1. Muppet Theme by The Muppets on Muppet Soundtrack (-)
  2. I'm Your Puppet by James and Bobby Purify on James and Bobby Purify (-)
  3. Doo Wop (That Thing) by Ms. Lauryn Hill on The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (Ruffhouse Records)
  4. Fuck The Patriarchy by Rio Major on Systematic (-)
  5. Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Cat by Psapp on Rewind 5. Volume 4 (-)
  6. Stray Cat Strut by The Stray Cats on Built for Speed (-)
  7. Easy Life by The Bodysnatchers on Easy Life (Chrysalis)
  8. Puppet on a String by Ken Boothe on Mr. Rock Steady (-)
  9. The Cat Came Back by The Laurie Berker Band on Whaddaya Think of That? (-)
  10. It's Hard to Be A Cat by Tara King Lr on Acoustic Recordings (-)
  11. Mississipi Goddamn by Nina Simone on Little Girl Blue (-)
  12. Oh Bondage! Up Yours! by X-Ray Spex on Germ Free Adolescents: An Anthology (Sanctuary Records)
  13. The Muppet Show: Mahna Mahna by The Studio Sound Ensemble on The Studio Sound Ensemble (na)
  14. I Don't Care by Nice Try on Glow (Nice Try)
  15. Puppet Man by Jay Retarded on Blood Visions (Fat Possums)
  16. Puppet Motel by Laurie Anderson on Live in New York (-)
  17. Puppet Motel by Laurie Anderson on Live in New York (-)
  18. Cat People by David Bowie on Let's Dance (-)
  19. Puppets by Gary Newman on The Fury (Cleopatra)
  20. Black Cat by Broadcast on Tender Buttons (warp records limited)
  21. Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill on Bikini Kill (Kill Rock Stars)
  22. Kick the Balls (of Patriarchy) by Hyrrs (-)
  23. Patty Boogie - Smash the Patriarchy by Pull Quartet on Pull a String, The Puppet Moves (Loumi Records)
  24. Cool for Cats by Squeeze on Cool for Cats (A&M)
  25. The Lovecats by The Cure on Greatest Hits (-)
  26. No One's Little Girl by The Raincoats on Moving (WeThee)
  27. Puppet Boy by DEVO on Shout (Warner Bros)
  28. Black Cat by Janet Jackson on Rhythm Nation (A & M)
  29. White (Pussy) Riot by Pussy Riot on Anthems from the Football Factory (Simply Media)
  30. Get Off the Internet by Le Tigre on From the Desk of Mr Lady (Modarm Records)