Goaty Tapes


  1. A5 by Golden Teacher on G.D.D.B. (Green Door Disco Band) (Goaty Tapes)
  2. Withdrawl by Apostille on Perpetual Dirt (Goaty Tapes)
  3. Wish You, My Girl by Yong Yong on Meet Lord Prince 'I' Infinito (Goaty Tapes)
  4. Motok by Spectral Park & Kot Kot on Spectral Park & Kot Kot (Goaty Tapes)
  5. Shooting Star by Drunk Elk on Drunk Elk (Goaty Tapes)
  6. On the Street by Russian Tsarlag on Gel Stations Past (Goaty Tapes)
  7. Chin Hi View by Chicklette on The Loneliest Bitch (Goaty Tapes)
  8. Nothingness by Street Drinkers on Circles (Goaty Tapes)
  9. I Make Blood Better by Mad Nanna on I Make Blood Better (Goaty Tapes)
  10. The Woman Helped Him by A Canine and a Kitten in the Car on Ignatz (Goaty Tapes)
  11. Ectomorphic Love by Gem Jones on Admiral Frenchkiss (Goaty Tapes)
  12. Falling in Love Again by Old Growth Cola on Fossicking for Frogs (Goaty Tapes)
  13. This Could Be the Greatest Love in Town by Die Welttraumforscher on Die Lieder: 1981, 1983, 1986 (Goaty Tapes)