Casually Crying - Episode 55 - Featuring Special Guest: Bay Area Musician, E.G. Phillips

Tune in to this very special episode to hear a live in studio performance from local songwriter, E.G. Phillips! We chatted about his upcoming album "At Home at Sea.", and he shared some of his favorite local artists. His new album "At Home at Sea." is an eclectic mix of jazz-infused indie-folk with individual tracks that range from a bossa nova ballad to a rock epic to an ethereal soundscape. To find more info check out his website

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  1. Other Limits by The Marketts on Out Of Limits! (Warner Brothers) $ Buy
  2. Sinfony by Smashing Pumpkins on -- (--) $ Buy
  3. The Mystery of Milieu and You by E.G. Phillips on Fish From the Sky (Ducks with Pants Music) $ Buy
  4. The L.A. Song by E.G. Phillips on The L.A. Song (Eric Phillips) $ Buy
  5. Sunday Is Made for Loving by E.G. Phillips, Samantha Margret on Sunday Is Made for Loving (E.G. Phillips) $ Buy
  6. Golden by Zelma Stone on Layla (Honey House) $ Buy
  7. Dimming Light by Tennis on Small Sound (Communion Records) $ Buy
  8. This Game by Sorry Girls on Awesome Secrets (Self Released) $ Buy
  9. Summer Ashes by Maya Hall on Lines (Maya Hall) $ Buy
  10. The Black Cherry Ice Cream Song by Haunted Horse on Little Bird (Haunted Horse) $ Buy
  11. Wednesday by Carlie Mari on Bitch Like Me - EP (Carlie Mari) $ Buy
  12. Stuck to You by Plushh on Stranger to the Pain (Father/Daughter Records) $ Buy
  13. 19th Ave by SOAR on dark / gold (Father/Daughter Records ) $ Buy
  14. Under the Atmosphere by Grass Widow on Internal Logic (HLR) $ Buy
  15. All I Can Share is Photos by E.G. Phillips on At Home at Sea (E.G. Phillips) $ Buy
  16. E.G. Phillips LIVE SET by E.G. Phillips on At Home at Sea (E.G. Phillips) $ Buy
  17. Please (Don't) Move by Samantha Sipin on -- (--) $ Buy
  18. Wanderlust (demo) by Twinly on -- (--) $ Buy
  19. City Light by Eve Fleishman on Atmospheric Epic (Eve Fleishman) $ Buy
  20. Serenade by Brendan Getzell on Better Late Than Never (Brendan Getzell) $ Buy
  21. Girls Who Don't Get the City by E.G. Phillips on Fish from the Sky (E.G. Phillips) $ Buy