3 - Connective (Su) Tissue


  1. Three is the Magic Number by Bob Dorough on Schoolhouse Rock (ABC)
  2. A.T.o.T by These Bastards on Old and Pissed (Self Released)
  3. Zodiak by Spazz on Crush Kill Destroy (Slap a Ham)
  4. Muslim Jewish Resistance by Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog on YRU Still Here (Northern Spy)
  5. Four Flies On Grey Velvet by Ennio Morricone on Four Flies On Grey Velvet (Cinevox)
  6. Edwin Birdsong by Rising Sign on Super Natural (Polydor)
  7. Help The Man by Georgie Red on Help The Man (Dum Dum Records)
  8. Mitsubishi Boy by Ben Sidran on On The Live Side (Magenta Records)
  9. Steve Winwood by Main Theme to They Call it an Accident on They Call It An Accident (Original Sound Track From) (Island)
  10. Mr. Joy by Bley-Peacock Synthesizer Show on Revenge: The Bigger The Love The Greater The Hate (Polydor)
  11. Time To Get Alone (Alternate Take) by The Beach Boys on Wake The World: The Friends Sessions 1968 (Capitol)
  12. The Gong by The Beach Boys on I Can Hear Music: The 20/20 Sessions 1968 (Capitol)
  13. Ov Power by Psychic TV on Ov Power (Self Released 1985)
  14. Slippery People by The Staples Singers on Turning Point (Private Records)
  15. Goodbye Horses Demo 1 by Q Lazzarus on Goodbye Horses (Mon Amie Records)
  16. Love Dance by Q Lazzarus on Goodbye Horses (Mon Amie Records)
  17. Green Eyes by Suburban Lawns on Suburban Lawns (IRS)
  18. Suburban Lawns by Flavor Crystals on Unreleased Demo (None)
  19. Salon by Su Tissue on Salon De Musique (Adversity Ltd)
  20. Unconventional State Line by Japan on Adolescent Sex (Ariola Records)
  21. Don't Worry About After Death by Melon on Do You Like Japan? (Alfa)