The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Anthony Jones & DJ Amanda Jones (Los Angeles) 2/12/19


  1. Love Beware (Twilight Boyfriend) by Anthony Jones on If The Moon Could Sing
  2. Jasmine And Rose by Clan Of Xymox on Creatures
  3. Supernaut by 1000 Homo DJs on Supernaut
  4. Republik by The Bellwether Syndicate
  5. Blood Bitch by Cocteau Twins on Garlands
  6. Avalon by Anthony Jones & Monica Richards
  7. Rakim by Dead Can Dance on Toward The Within
  8. I'm Not Dreaming Of You by De/Vision on 6 Feet Underground
  9. When Is The Future? by VNV Nation on Noire
  10. Voices Carry by Death Blossoms on Voices Carry – Headbanging to 'Til Tuesday
  11. Night Club by Your Addiction on Scary World
  12. Into My Dominion by Anthony Jones on Gardian Of The Wolf
  13. Circuits Collide by The Secret Light on Mirror Mirror
  14. The Populist by Priest on New Flesh