Show FEB 19 2015


  1. Kodokunohatsumei by Toe on The Book About My Idle Plot On A Vague Anxiety (unk)
  2. TNT by Tortoise on TNT (unk)
  3. Plateau by Mouse On The Keys on Machinic Phylum (unk)
  4. Retreat! Retreat! by 65daysofstatic on The Fall of Math (unk)
  5. It's All About Right Then by Ghosts And Vodka on Addicts and Drunks (unk)
  6. Rano Pano by Mogwai on Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (unk)
  7. Echolocation by LITE on Installation (4th Album) (unk)
  8. Sigur 2 (Untitled) by Sigur Ros on (Untitled) (unk)
  9. White Mystery by Minus The Bear on Planet of Ice (unk)
  10. Aom by Mouse On The Keys on Machinic Phylum (unk)
  11. The Revolution Will Be Streaming by Saxon Shore on The Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore (unk)
  12. Threads by This Will Destroy You on S/T (unk)
  13. Left Aligned by This Town Needs Guns on (unk)
  14. Tequesta by The Mercury Program on A Data Learn the Language (unk)
  15. Rockets fall on Rocket Falls by Godspeed You! Black Emperor on Yanqui U.X.O. (unk)
  16. Pierced by the Sun by GLACIERS on Mirrored Through The Ancients (unk)
  17. Driksa by Audrey Fall on Mitau (unk)
  18. Highrise by Glorie on Glorie (unk)
  19. Jumping Frenchmen of Maine by El Ten Eleven on These Promises Are Being Videotaped (unk)
  20. House of Mirrors by NIVELES on S/T (unk)
  21. Akiko by Caspian on Waking Season (unk)
  22. Daydream by Carly Comando on Sampler No. 12 (Deep Elm Records)