Ep 64: "a false consensus"

W0rk, playing the Ivy Room with Blank Square and Late (Austin TX) Sunday. Their new EP Paper will be out Wednesday, February 20 (bandcamp).

Episode title is from the Andy Human & the Reptoids song "Echo Pedal" from their new album Psychic Sidekick (bandcamp).

instagram: @iluvmondaysbfffm

twitter: @iluvmondaysWill

email: iluvmondaysBFFfm@gmail.com


  1. Echo Pedal by Andy Human & the Reptoids on Psychic Sidekick
  2. Riddle by Rose Droll on Your Dog (Father/Daughter Records)
  3. Like Water (acoustic) by New Spell on Of Time, Part II
  4. Henna Tattoo by Field Medic on fade into the dawn
  5. Under the Sun by Spellling on Mazy Fly (Sacred Bones Records)
  6. It's the Right Time by W0rk on It's The Right Time
  7. Empty Head by Blank Square on Animal I (Castle Face 2017)
  8. I See You by Late on Demos
  9. A Dream (demo) by Gustaf
  10. Soft Copy by New Measurement Group on New Measurement Group
  11. Loser by the World on First World Record (Upset the Rhythm)
  12. The Curse (Is Getting Worse) by Perhapsy on Kingdom Starlight Bliss (Porch Party Records)
  13. Strata by Slice on S​/​T
  14. Care by Judith Horn on Sad Girl Vol. 1
  15. Are You an Optimist by Kelly Stoltz on Natural Causes
  16. Subway by Rays on You Can Get There From here (Trouble in Mind)
  17. Game Six by Swiftumz (Fruits & Flowers)
  18. Mercy by Terremoto on The Bridge
  19. Mercury by Esses on Offering
  20. Burn Away by Adrenochrome on Buzz or Howl Sessions
  21. 99 is not 100 by Surplus 1980 on Arterial Ends Here
  22. Bargain Sounds by Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt on Brace Up!
  23. Water Closet by Preening on Gang Laughter
  24. Smoov by Heaven's Blade on TAPE
  25. Mercury in Retrograde by Pardoner on Gravedigger EP (Smoking Room)
  26. Fire Rising by Big Bite on Big Bite (Self Released)
  27. #ybgtt by Qing Qi on If the Niggah Ain't Shit, Play This For His Bitch (Self-Released)
  28. Send Her My Love by Journey on Frontiers (Columbia)
  29. Cannonball by Baus on Songs To Snake To (Digital Regress)
  30. The Thick Red Line by Greg Ashley on Fiction is Non-fiction
  31. Pent by Pleasure Gallows on SICK GAMES
  32. Dead Dogs by 7-11 Jesus on Nothing Feels Right Anymore
  33. Good Seat (feat. Queens D. Light & Dahi Divine) by Jay Stone (Gold Robot Records)
  34. Tell Me by Wyatt Smith on Promise
  35. Woods Island Club by Ziplock on Ziplock (Processional Cross)
  36. Worms by Cold Beat
  37. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up by Barry White on All Time Greatest Hits
  38. It's Calling by HXXS on Valley Fever