I Rock I Roll Radio 2/18/19 Show: How Many Towels does it take to get blocked by Ryan Adams?

If you have 20 sets of towels on hand, you're apparently an adult. However if you know all the best new music - you're a BETTER adult. That is our professional opinion.

Also your host with the most got blocked on Twitter by Ryan Adams aka the grand high gaslighting asshole of our times so please delete his music from your ipod and let's celebrate together.


  1. Angels Of Sweat by Tamaryn on Dreaming The Dark (DERO Arcade)
  2. Cuz I Love You by Lizzo on Cuz I Love You (Warner Brothers)
  3. stay by pronoun on i'll show you stronger (rhyme & reason)
  4. Free (ft Devendra Banhart) by Sasami on Sasami (Domino)
  5. Evergreen by Wye Oak on Adult Swim Singles (Adult Swim)
  6. Everyday by Weyes Blood on Titanic Rising (Sub Pop)
  7. Promised Land by Cold Cave on Promised Land (Heartworm Press)
  8. Adore You by Jesse Ware on Adore You (Universal)
  9. Crush On Me by Sir Babygirl on Crush On Me (Father/Daughter)
  10. What Lovers Do by Hand Habits on placeholder (Saddle Creek)
  11. Something To You by Nanami Ozone on NO (Tiny Engines)
  12. Grains Of Salt by Tacocat on This Mess Is A Place (Sub Pop)
  13. Celebrate by Angelic Milk on DIVINE BIKER LOVE (PNKSLM)
  14. Old Bone by Wet on Old Bone (Columbia Records)
  15. Can You Find Her Place by Lydia Ainsworth on Phantom Forest (Self Released)
  16. Anti-Gravity by These New Puritans on Inside The Rose (Infectious Music)
  17. Tethered by Versing on 10000 (Hardly Art)
  18. Wiggle by Huntly on Low Grade Buzz (Barely Dressed)
  19. Clovers by Barrie on Happy To Be Here (Winspear)
  20. Chew Toy by Sass on Chew Toy (Heavy Meadow)
  21. Tough Enough by Ex Hex on It's Real (Merge)
  22. Bullet With Butterfly Wings by Karen O on Hanna Soundtrack (Rockstars To Swallow)
  23. Champagne Ladies by And The Kids on When This Life Is Over (Signature Sounds)
  24. Habit by Rosie Tucker on Never Not Never Not Never Not (New Professor)
  25. Tightrope by Yeasayer on Dark Was The Night (4AD)